Age of Booty: Tactics – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Age of Booty: Tactics is the sequel to the Facebook pirate strategy game of the same name (minus the Tactics part of it). This is a PvP only game, and your goal is to destroy and push around opposing enemy ships, avoid having them do the same thing to you, and be the first one to get all of the treasure. Read on for some tips and tricks for Age of Booty: Tactics!

Early on, play as many games as absolutely possible, even when you don’t have many (or any) friends who play the game. The more games you have going on at the same time, the more gold and other bonuses that you can earn, which you use to build your deck far more quickly. Play tons of ranked matches at the same time – if you get slow players, you can sometimes get away with 20ish games at a time.

Use your earnings to go and buy more curses and more ships. A wide variety is best, but always look at the stats before you buy, because you’re going to need to have different ships to counter different attacks and different enemy ships, but you still want the most powerful deck as possible.

Make use of the upgrade tiles (the ones that look like cannons and other implements) because your ships will power up when they spend a turn on these tiles. Take the game as slow as you can (as slow as your opponent allows you to, anyway), upgrade your ships and use your curses to keep enemy ships at bay, then when your ships upgrade, send them at the enemy ships to completely decimate them.

Use your cards in conjunction with each other whenever possible. For example, use a trap, then use a facebreaker or a royal flush to push an enemy ship into the trap. Use the pushers (including the cyclone, blowhard and others) to keep other players off of the treasure tiles, or off of the upgrade tiles.

Want to find someone else to play with on Facebook? If you have friends who play Words with Friends and other back-and-forth games, try to invite them to this, and if not, you can always find people to play to add to Facebook using the comments page on this site, or Facebook groups for the game, or App Store review pages.