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Dragon Mania Legends – Breeding Guide: Full list of all breeding combinations, page 2

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War Dragon: Metal + Fire
Venom Dragon: Metal + Plant
Armored Dragon: Metal + Earth
Razor Dragon: Metal + Wind
Cyborg Dragon: Metal + Earth
Mercury Dragon: Metal + Water

Rust Dragon: Metal, Water, Fire
Regal Dragon: Wind, Metal, Water
Black Armor Dragon: Metal, Earth, Wind
Coral Dragon: Metal, Plant, Water
Plasma Dragon: Fire, Energy
Geiger Dragon: Earth + Energy

Eel Dragon: Water + Energy
Honey Dragon: Plant + Energy
Tesla Dragon: Energy + Metal
UV Dragon: Energy + Metal
Rainbow Dragon: Energy + Water
Meteor Dragon: Energy + Fire

Brick Dragon: Energy + Earth
Lightning Dragon: Energy + Wind
Ruby Dragon: Energy, Earth, Fire
Geyser Dragon: Energy, Fire, Water
Clay Dragon: Earth, Water, Energy
Ironcast Dragon: Metal, Fire, Energy

Banana Dragon: Energy, Plant, Water
Emerald Dragon: Plant, Energy, Earth
Golden Crow Dragon: Energy, Metal, Plant
Tiger Dragon: Energy, Plant, Fire
Lumino Dragon: Void + Fire
Rain Dragon: Water + Void

Nightshade Dragon: Plant + Void
Witch Dragon: Energy + Void
Mist Dragon: Void + Wind
Shard Dragon: Void + Metal
Doom Dragon: Void + Energy
Jaws Dragon: Void + Water

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Crossy Road: Top 20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies

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Crossy Road is a Froggeresque game for the iOS platform, and hopefully soon to be coming for Android as well, where your goal is to go as far as you can, crossing roads and streams and other obstacles, avoiding the million ways to die that are out there. You start off with a chicken as your playable character, hence the name of the game, but you can unlock a ton of other characters as well. Read on for the top 20 tips and tricks for Crossy Road!

20) Swipe sideways and backwards to avoid obstacles that are blocking your path.
Do this if there are trees in your path, for one thing. Also, do this if you end up stuck in a street with cars coming around, because oftentimes you can escape a bad situation in the street by swiping from side to side to try and get away.

19) Collect coins for the chance to earn new characters.
Every coin that you come across moves you toward that 100 coins that is required in order to purchase a new character. Once you have 100 coins you will be able to put the coins into a prize machine/Gacha, and a random new character will come out.

18) Set the push notifications to be alerted whenever your free coins are ready.
Your coins will be ready every few minutes to start with, and then after you play for awhile the time will grow longer and longer, then it will be every six hours. The timer will only reset when you collect your free coins, so collect them as soon as possible, and the best way to remind yourself is via the push notifications.

17) Watch the advertisement videos that pop up after you finish a stage.
They pop up sometimes after you finish a stage, around once every five minutes or so. Watch them every time that they come up so that you can work your way towards earning those coins. Typically, they earn you somewhere between 20 and 40 coins each time that you watch a video.

16) Once you get a Piggy Bank, every single one of the coin methods will improve.
Red coins will pop out on stages in addition to gold coins, and the red ones are worth five coins apiece. The worth of the advertisement video earnings and the free prizes will double. This will remain true after buying the Piggy Bank even when that’s not the character that you use.

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Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

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Each little minigame has its own specific set of instructions. Some have more than one way to do things, and if you do the alternate way, it makes it easier. Let’s go to Freezerville for a good example of that. When you go to the Avalanche Chalet minigame, it will tell you to swipe to close all of the windows. However, if you tap each of the windows and doors instead, then it will close them the same way, and it will take a much shorter time to do so.

Another example of this is the Landmine Curling game. The way it’s set up makes it look like sweeping up and down is the way to win, but it’s not. Sweeping from left to right to left to right will fill the bar MUCH more quickly than sweeping up, down, up, down will, because there is more of a surface area to cover. Arguably, sweeping in a circle or oval is even better.

When you get to the Dumb Dome, there are similar alternate techniques. For the Hammer Throw the game makes it look like you should swipe in a circle. However, if you swipe in a long oval (to match the size of the screen) you’ll be far more successful. Also, with the shoelace tie, you don’t have to swipe in an exact figure-8 pattern in order to tie the lace. As long as the dotted lines are covered, you can do it however you want.

With the lightning pole vault, when you start going faster, you have to tap earlier in order to stop the bar in the middle. Tap when it’s still slightly in the red but almost to the orange, and when it stops it will be in the orange. For the 3 Tonne Clean and Jerk, tilt the phone in small movements rather than large movements so you don’t accidentally set the weight toppling over.

Drown Town is a whole other batch of challenges. With the Dumb Life Saving, they will float in the direction of whatever side you put them on, so try to keep them all on the same side as they started at to make it easier. With the Piranha Freestyle, tap with as many fingers at the same time as you can possibly fit on the screen, because the game will read every single one of them.

The Killer Whale Dentistry challenge can seem nearly impossible at times; however, an easy way to do it, at least early on, is to swipe from side to side rather than tracing the outline of the whale’s teeth with your finger. The tracing will make it very difficult to get every spot on the teeth – not so much with using the actual “brushing” motion.

Dolphin Rodeo is passed in the same way as the 3 Tonne Clean and Jerk – use slow movements with your phone. In this one though, you will have to be extra careful because it can be hard to judge where your center is in this one.

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Etherlords – How to get Uncommon, Rare, Superior and Legendary heroes, page 2

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If you haven’t already logged into the game via Facebook, go and log into it right away. You will get an uncommon or better creature as a reward for doing so. Go and check your creature list and it will simply show up in there, ready for you to use it. You can only do this once, though, so if you plan on restarting the game, make sure you have a second Facebook account at the ready.

You can go back through older stages, chapters, and worlds and grind them as many times as you want. All that you have to do is tap and hold on one of the worlds that you previously completed, and you will be transported right back into it. Do this over and over again as many times as you want to farm for creatures.

Or, do this to farm for ether (the blue bottle currency). Then take the ether, and go to the store and go to the card packs. Purchase the five pack of the premium silver booster for 20,000 or the silver booster for 8,000, but ideally the premium one so that you can have a chance at legendary troops. Repeat this (admittedly tedious) process as often as you need to for a top tier team.

Do the same thing with Valor points so that you can use them to purchase some Valiant Boosters. Valiant Points can be more time consuming depending on your luck though. The chief way to earn them is to find a treasure chest. Once you find one, you will have to fight to unlock the three keys. Get the three keys and open the chest for Valiant Boosters, among other treasure.

Inside of that chest in addition will be anything from random creatures that you’ve more than likely fought against before, to potentially uncommon and rare creatures, or creatures that are even more rare.

If you have money to spend and you still want to be thrifty, do this five-purchase thing with the gold purchase. The premium gold purchase isn’t near as cheap so the gold booster, in high numbers, provides arguably the best chance for a legendary card pack.

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Cascade – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Cascade is a new match three puzzle game for mobile devices by Big Fish Games. Your goal is to make as many matches of three or more (ideally more) as possible by tapping on jewels to make combos with them, while making special blocks appear, knocking them out and using them to skyrocket your score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cascade!

You have five lives maximum, but when the lives run out, you’re done for a while, and you have to wait half an hour per life. You can buy lives right from the App Store, as a side option, or you can get all of your lives back for free by setting the time ahead on your phone or on your tablet. Set it ahead by half an hour per life that you want to recover.

Then, once you do that, you can set the time back to normal and then go back to Cascade and your lives will still be there. You can then use all of your lives up yet again, and then do the trick again, and again, and again for as long as you want; however, if you’re winning at Cascade you shouldn’t have to.

Try to make the largest combinations possible, and take advantage of any wild card gems that you get. Knock off a huge color to get a line jewel or a splash jewel, and knock off a combination of three different colors at a time with the wild card in order to get a rainbow jewel. Mix two rainbow jewels together to knock off every single piece on the screen (include both of them in a combo) and mix a rainbow with a line jewel to turn every single one of the color that you knock off into a line jewel.

Try to complete the mission as soon as possible. The sooner that you complete the mission, the more moves that you will have left over, and the easier it will be to earn insanely high scores. Focus on knocking out only the pieces that you need to in order to win (for example, on jelly stages, the ones on top of the jellies).

Save your power ups for the toughest stages in the game. Power ups are rare and can only be purchased with real money in the IAP store, so you are going to need to either make do without, spend money, or save them so that you can use them on especially difficult stages.

Cross Horizon Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Cross Horizon is a brand new RPG for Android and iOS. You play as an adventurer of your own creation, and your goal is to find out why the evil Bandit King, who was sealed away long ago, has returned. From there you go on adventures to find items that you need, go back to the town to cash them in, and collect and combine various forms of weapons and armor in order to get as strong as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cross Horizon for the iOS and Android platforms!

Right from the beginning of the game you start off with some mana, which allows you to buy items in the black market. Spend your mana on gold items. If you get armor, you’ll be nearly invincible for a LONG time. If you get weapons, you’ll be able to kill every enemy in the game almost instantly for awhile. If you get both, you’ll be downright invincible.

When you’re exploring, look at which directions the enemies are moving (look at the map in the upper right corner of the screen to show this). When they are “looking away” from you, sneak up on them and attack, and you’ll get a quick moment where they’re knocked dizzy and won’t be able to attack you. However, don’t let them approach you from behind or you’ll be caught by surprise, losing some of your attack points and thus not being able to execute as many attacks in quick succession.

Entering someone’s invite code, whether they sent it to you or not, will allow you to earn free items that you can equip, and if someone uses your invite code, you earn bonuses as well. Post your code below in the comments, or on the review section of one of the app stores, or grab someone’s invite code from there to add.

When you’re exploring, when you come across an exclamation mark in an angular shape, that means that’s an item that you need to complete a current mission, such as the guild certificate for your second main mission. An exclamation mark in a circle, though, is either a friend you can greet or a treasure you can open. If it’s a friend, then hit “greet” first before you send a friend request, so that you can earn 10 free friend points.

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is TinyCo’s biggest game in years and is Family Guy’s answer to The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Your goal, just like in Tapped Out, is to rebuilt what is left of the burning remnants of Quahog after it’s been spontaneously destroyed in a fire, as well as to bring back all of your favorite characters from the show. Read on for some tips and tricks for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff!

-Every time that you complete an action with a character, you will increase their individual experience level, as well as earn coins and overall experience points.
-As their levels gain, they will unlock new actions. Certain actions will also unlock with added decorations (for example, Bonnie will be able to twerk when you buy the stripper pole)

-Tap on any character with an exclamation mark over their head, as that means they have a quest for you to complete.
-You can go off script any time that you want to and construct new buildings, and other goodies that can earn you fast coins and experience points. Go to the non character-specific building tab in the store to find offices, burger joints and other places that you can build as many of as you want.

-If you end up overcrowding Quahog by accident, you can tap and hold on any building, then stick it in storage. Go to the “Inventory” button inside of the menu screen to retrieve any building, decoration, or whatever you want to build. As of right now though, you can’t sell anything.
-Rearrange the buildings by hitting the button that looks like a plus sign with arrows. Tap any building, decoration or whatever that you want and then stick them somewhere else. Put them as close together as possible.

-Get rid of the roads to make even more space for buildings. Tap the roads “+ -” sign at the top of the rearranging screen in order to either build or destroy roads, for free.
-Look through different parts of the block that you can clear. They each cost a difference price – look for the ones that you can afford in order to speed up your quest to finding new characters and missions.

-The fastest way to earn coins is by doing the short term actions over and over for your characters, such as having Peter surf the bird or Chris find a new friends (which take a minute apiece) over and over. It’s tedious but it works. However, when you’re going to sleep or taking a long break from the game, set all of your characters to have long term tasks, such as Peter dancing the Shipoopi.

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Wartune: Hall of Heroes – Cheats and Tips: The Strategy Guide

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Wartune: Hall of Heroes is Kabam’s latest effort at taking a popular browser game and expanding the franchise out onto mobile. This one is much different than games such as Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle of the North and Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon, though. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wartune: Hall of Heroes!

-When you go on campaigns, if you just want to get through it quickly, tap on the associated quest and your character will automatically go where they need to go, and fight whoever they need to fight next. Tap it again after the fight to go to the next place or enemy.
-Exploring around on your own in the campaigns will earn you far more bonuses. Minimize the quests menu and use the blue joystick underneath it to move your character around.

-Don’t just follow the arrows. They point to where you need to go in order to complete the quest, but bonuses such as treasure chests and tombs (which contain treasures of various kinds).
-As you earn Daru, always make sure that your troops are fully upgraded. Their maximum upgrade level corresponds to your barracks level.

-The maximum upgrade level of your buildings corresponds to the current level of your town hall. Upgrade your town hall to increase the upgrade level of everything else (as well as your hourly gold production).
-Every five levels, you will get a new starter pack that contains a massive amount of bonuses. Go to the inventory whenever you hit level 5, 10, 15, etc, to open a new starter pack.

-Once you enchant your first piece of equipment in the blacksmith area, you can unlock a farm that allows you to grow gold, daru and kyanite (and later on, to gain experience), which is inside the Tree of Ancients. Keep this farm going as much as possible, and upgrade it to get more farm plots at a time.
-If you hit a dungeon that’s too difficult to defeat, go back to one of the dungeons that you’ve already beaten, and beat it again and again (and collect extra bonuses along the way).

-If you’re at level 20, you can blitz a dungeon to finish it far more quickly and multiple times, allowing you to stack up rewards even more quickly.
-Want to upgrade quickly? Use a VIP scroll (or buy Balens) to get VIP status, allowing you to speed-up cooldowns on your buildings for free. Free VIP scrolls can be found anywhere from dungeons to starting packages.

Fairway Solitaire Blast – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Fairway Solitaire Blast is the latest in Big Fish Games’ new take on Solitaire with golf references, and this one, unlike the others, has been made from the ground up to be mobile-exclusive. Your goal is to get the highest scores possible by knocking off every card on the board while using the fewest cards out of your own deck as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fairway Solitaire Blast!

-Before you make a move, plan ahead and see what potential moves you can make following your next move. Plan out a string of moves, and make whichever move enables you to make the longest consecutive combination of moves.
-Apply the same logic when you get a joker card. Pick the card that you will be able to make the biggest combination of consecutive moves with.

-Before you tap the special cards, make all of the moves that you can. Sometimes, having more cards on the board is better so that you can make more combinations. If you knock off too many extra cards at once you may end up using more cards than you have to.
-Log onto Facebook so that you can send and receive lives back and forth with your friends. Send them lives as often as possible so that they are compelled to send them back to you.

-Don’t accept your free lives until you have to – that is, until you run out. If you accept them while your lives are full, then they won’t do anything for your life meter.
-If you’re not logged into Facebook, then you can set the time ahead on your phone or tablet, and earn free lives just by cheating the time. Set the time backwards again and the timer will reflect the time you cheated, so make sure to set the time back to normal late at night or whenever you go to bed.

-If you are looking for more friends to send lives back and forth with, check the App Store review pages or the comment section of this article, or look for them on the game’s official Facebook page, or post your own info so that people can add you.

-Always try to knock out cards that are on top of other cards first, so that you can potentially make new combos that you might have missed if you picked the card that’s not on top of anything.
-If you get power up cards such as the joker or the ray gun, save them until you really need them or for when you are stuck and can’t figure out what to do next without using a card. Use the ray gun when you have loads of upside down cards trapped underneath your current set of cards.

Skyline Skaters – Cheats and Tips: The Strategy Guide

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Skyline Skaters is a new endless running game for the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. You’re a skater who is happily and peacefully skating across rooftops in the city, when all of a sudden a police helicopter spots you and starts chasing you, so your goal is to run from them for as long as possible, without falling into any gaps, and to collect as many coins as possible in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Skyline Skaters!

-The longer that you go in a run, the more the coins will be worth. Silver coins are worth more than bronze coins, and gold coins are worth more than silver coins.
-Upgrade your skateboard to increase the score multiplier. This isn’t important unless you’re trying to compete with your friends by score (or with people on Game Center). Or unless a quest requires you to earn a certain amount of points in one run.
-Log into Facebook with the game to receive Mia for free (her specialty is a bonus for grinds). You’ll also receive one free cash daily.

-Free cash is most abundant as a reward for leveling up, and leveling up is done by completing the quests that the game gives you.
-Start buying longboards as soon as you can in order to earn a massive amount of coins. Each longboard increases your coin bonus.

-Not only does each board have its own specific bonus, but you’ll earn an extra bonus depending on how much of a specific type of board that you have (such as street boards, longboards and freestyle boards)
-Every time that you finish a run, you can choose to share the run and receive 2,500 free coins. If you want, you can change the privacy setting on Facebook to “only me” before you send it if you don’t want to bug your friends with it.

-Each character has their own set of quests. Once you unlock and equip a new character, the missions will start over again.
-Upgrade each of your power ups for the ability to use them in the game, and then upgrade them more to make them appear more often and for their effects to last longer.

-Collect all of the letters required to spell a word in order to enter super skate mode. In this mode you will earn a massive amount of coins. Always go for the gold ones, then the silver ones, then the bronze ones. Typically the bronze ones will pop up first, followed by the silver and the gold.