Clear Vision 3 Guide: All Levels Walkthrough

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Clear Vision 3 is a hugely popular sniper game, and like the two that came out before it, the missions go from being easy to being difficult very quickly. You’ll start off facing off against a bunch of easy targets, but gradually you will need more and more weapon upgrades just to keep up. Read on for the walkthrough on how to knock off every single mission in the game!

Bumville Shores:
Bumville 1: shoot the guy in the head
Bumville 2: His head moves back and forth, so wait until he moves into your line of sight and shoot him in the head.
Bumville 3: Shoot the chef in the head.
Clayton: Adjust the aim for 1,800 meters and shoot in the head.

K. Johnson: Take out the guy with the fishing pole.
Daniel: Shoot the electrical box near the base of the pole.
K: Aim 3,600 meters away at the repairman with the wrench (NOT the one standing around)
Karen: Aim 1,800 meters away at the dude with the tie.
Melissa Sanders: Shoot the guy with the rifle before he kills her dad (3,600m).
JACK BARNES: shoot the guy inside the store (1,800m)

Derek K: Shoot the smoker at -15 wind compensation and 3,600 meters.
Ranger Hughes: Shoot the guy with the marshmallow at 10 wind and 3,600 meters.
Walter J Brown: Shoot the guy with the camera at 7,200 meters and -15 wind.
B-Low: Shoot the guy in the house when he appears at a window. 7,200 meters, -20 wind.

Andrew Perry: Shoot the left holding up the rebar so that it hits the guy with the phone and knocks him into the pit. It’s at -10 wind and 3,600 meters.
“Jean”: Shoot the guy with the newspaper. -25 wind at 7,200 meters. This one would be easier with an upgraded gun.
Bennett: Upgrade your gun, because the guy you need to shoot is at 35 wind and 10,800 meters without upgrades. The top of the streetlight is on the same horizontal plane as his head so compensate for wind first, then use that to help you aim and hit the guy in the head.

Karen: Shoot the guy with the hat first, then shoot the guy who’s drinking, as he’s a witness.
John: Shoot the guy in the captain hat. If you don’t have enough upgrades to see him, use the other guy to judge the distance.
Mr. Mission18: Shoot the guy who is cleaning the boat. Make sure to time the movement of his head so that you know where to aim even when your scope can’t see him, because he’s most likely going to be off scope when you shoot.

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