Dead Trigger 2 – Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of the Dead Trigger 2 beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part of the guide.

There are multiple types of guns that can be used in the game, all of which vary in power and firing characteristics. The MP5K is your first machine gun, while your initial pistol is the CZ75. Blueprints are required to unlock the rest of them, and can be earned by defeating the miniboss zombies in each of the stages. The Ithaca is an extremely powerful shotgun, while the knife is a stronger melee weapon than the pipe wrench. The M-16 is a long range military rifle. The crossbow is very accurate but fires slowly. The dual Glock allows you to shoot twice as quickly as with the CZ, while the M1 Garand is a powerful military rifle.

The engineer can produce the frag grenade, the boom chicken (which runs around and entices zombies to follow it, and then blows them up) and the mine, which is fairly self explanatory. Your medic can only produce the painkillers. Using a painkiller in battle will add to your health meter, and as a bonus, it will stop time for about 2 seconds, allowing you extra freedom to run and/or attack. The smuggler allows you to buy in-app purchases using gold coins.


There’s your tech guy, who doesn’t really do anything, but you have to upgrade him in order to upgrade the rest of your crew. Upgrading your gunsmith gives you freedom to upgrade the guns that you already own to higher levels, while upgrading your medic and engineer will allow you to upgrade everything that they sell you. Upgrading your smuggler reduces the price on your in-app purchases.

You’re going to need blueprints in order to unlock all of your weapons, and you can only get blueprints from defeating the minibosses. Kamikaze is the first miniboss. He’ll only do short range attacks, but once you kill him, the giant gas barrel strapped to his body blows up, damaging you if you get too close. Scienfist will slowly drain your health with radiation, and the closer he gets the more damage he will do. Vomitron spits vomit at you, which temporarily blocks your view if it hits you.

All of the minibosses require a ton of damage dealt in order to beat. That’s where the frag grenades, boom chickens and mines come in handy. Plus, if there is a red gas barrel nearby, you can shoot it, which blows up every nearby zombie, and does massive damage to the minibosses.

Click here for part three of the Dead Trigger 2 beginner’s guide!


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