FIFA 15 Ultimate Team – Full Chemistry Guide: How to maximize player and team chemistry, Page 2

Player chemistry builds up as a player plays more games for the same club. Chemistry will build up to its top possible rating after around 10 games with the same club, so try to make as few changes as possible in general. Lock in your best possible club early and if you need to make a lot of changes, make them all at once rather than gradually.

Chemistry is locked in the second that you begin a match, so you do not have to worry about what will happen to your team chemistry when you put a substitute in the game. Don’t worry about any of the chemistry attributes of your substitutes; instead, put the highest rated possible cards on your team under the substitute section.

In fact, this leaves the game open for a cheat. Put in the highest chemistry club possible regardless of the individual card reading, and then start the game. Then, once the game begins, sub out all of your weaker players for stronger players who don’t necessarily have the strongest chemistry with your club. Since the chemistry is already locked in it will have no effect, but your players will perform better because of the higher individual card ratings.


The easiest way to build a team with high chemistry is to use the transfer market.go to the market and search players their nationality and their league. You cannot search by individual team, but by knowing who you want to use, putting players in my nationality and league, as well as the desired position, makes it much easier to find the perfect chemistry match.

Doing this perfectly will require you to have at least an elementary knowledge of soccer players and which teams they play for, so do your research before you go on a full on chemistry blitz. It’s far easier and more cost-effective to build a perfect team if you go outside of the English Premier League and go for a different, more undervalued league instead. In particular, Bundesliga tends to get a bad rap in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, so try building one of the teams in there.

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