Flappy Dunk – How to unlock every skin (ball, hoop and wing) and the Mystery Skins, Page 2

Watermelon Ball: Pass 2,000 hoops total in endless mode
Wink Emoji: Play endless mode with 12 different skins
Poker Chip: 15 swishes in one single endless mode game
CD/DVD: Pass 30 hoops in one endless mode game
Yin/Yang: Pass 51 challenges in normal mode

Mystery Skin 1: To unlock it, you have to spend 8 seconds or more in between one hoop and another hoop. The way to do this one is to ram the ball into the rim of a hoop for 7 seconds or so, and then shoot your ball into the hoop and you’ll unlock it.
Mystery Skin 2: Get EXTREMELY close to touching the floor in between two hoops. Make the basket before and after.
Final ball: Complete 51 challenges in mirror mode.

Purple Wing: Make 20 baskets in a row in endless mode WITHOUT a swish.
Orange Wing: Bounce five times on one single hoop in endless mode.
Blue wing: Use 10 “second chance” after losing.
Green wing: Score 75 points using the watermelon ball.

Red Wing: Score 25 Swishes in one endless mode game.
Rainbow Wing: Complete challenge 19 with only Swishes.
Black Hoop: Unlock the two mystery skins.

White Hoop: Score 25 or more points using the second chance.
Purple Hoop: Pass 50 hoops in one endless mode game.
Blue Hoop: Unlock 25 different skins (ball, hoop or wing)

Green Hoop: Achieve 25 swishes with the watermelon ball in one endless mode game.
Yellow Hoop: Watch five video ads.

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