Jet Run: City Defender – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Jet Run: City Defender is a new endless flying game for the iOS and Android platforms. You get to pilot a fighter jet throughout a city, flying down low, in between buildings, and in the riskiest ways imaginable (far moreso than would be possible in real life) to destroy a nearly endless horde of space aliens that are trying to take over the city. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jet Run: City Defender!

The most important thing to do in this game is simply to avoid getting hit. Most things are easy to avoid. Swipe left or right on the arrows that pop up in order to make a turn – if you swipe under the arrows then you won’t turn on time. The biggest danger is the bombs, so be sure to pay attention and swipe up, down, left and right to avoid them.

Bosses can also be tough to kill. To kill the boss, first, watch what direction his laser starts to move, and then make sure that you keep your jet out of the way. Then, tap on the boss to shoot at him and do a little bit of damage for as long as you can until he starts to fire his laser again. Repeat until you finally kill off the boss.

You have three missions that you have assigned at a time, and when you complete them you will get more missions, as well as extra medals and experience points. In fact, there is no faster way to gain experience in this game. Another way to earn medals is to collect them mid round, especially after you kill a boss. Then, hundreds of them can be collected as a reward.

Haven’t made an account yet in the game? Go ahead and do that by hitting the speech bubble button on the main screen that looks like a chat button. You’ll earn 5,000 free credits for doing this, as well as the ability to collect even more free medals and other goods in the future.

Spend the medals in the store, although really the only thing that you can spend them on is upgrading various power ups. This includes the slow motion power up (slows down time), the tractor beam power up which sucks medals and other pick ups toward your jet, and a huge number of unlockable power ups.