Kendall & Kylie (iOS/Android game app) – How to get free energy and K-Gems

Kendall & Kylie is the new mobile game for the iOS and Android starring the youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, and starring your character as a social media vlogger and budding star who is trying to get in with Kendall & Kylie’s circle of friends and score a ton of followers. Energy is what you need in order to get anything done in this game, and K-Gems are the premium currency of the game. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get free energy and K-Gems in Kendall & Kylie!

The biggest way to get free energy is to run out, then go to the date and time settings on your device and set the time ahead by about five minutes per energy that needs to be recovered, or 100 minutes for a full recovery. Once you do that, then go back to the game and you will have all of your energy back.

Once you do this, if you want to set the time back to normal, go to the date and time settings and do just that. Then go back to the game, and you will see that all of that free energy that you just got, will still be there. You can do this trick as many times as you want and keep the time normal, just by doing this second part of the trick.


Otherwise, if you want free energy without messing around with the time, buy as many pets as the game will allow you to at any given time. Then go back to your house, condo, or whatever you live in at any given time, and pet your pet or pets. The action will cost you no energy or anything, but you will earn free energy for doing so.

One way to get free K-gems is to go to the goals list, and look for goals to complete that have K-gems as a reward. If there are none, then go to the achievements area and do those, then go back and collect all of your rewards for finishing them.

K-gems can also be earned as a reward either for gaining one experience level, or completing one of the long timed tasks that you will get plenty of in this game. Use the experience levels to your advantage, too, by using all of your energy before doing the task that earns you the level-up. Then you will get a free energy refill when you gain a level.