Kim Kardashian – Hollywood: How to get more energy and experience points

Kim Kardashian – Hollywood is the Glu Games follow-up to the Stardom series. The goal here is much the same as it was in those two games – you work your way up from the E-list to the A-list by completing assignments, jobs, and the like, but you have Kim K helping you along in this game. Energy is required in order to do almost any action in this game, while experience points are required in order to gain levels and unlock new clothes and other goods. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

The main way to get more energy is to gain an experience level, of course. Once you gain a level, your energy bar will restore to its full capacity, and your maximum energy will increase by 1. Try to time your level ups so that your energy is empty or nearly empty by the time that you gain a level for the maximum boost that you can get.

Any time that you see a cat or other type of pet in the street, tap on it and adopt it. Usually, the adoption will cost you stars (the silver coins with the K on them), but when you adopt them, they will go to your apartment. Now, when you go back to your apartment, your pet will earn you bonus energy at time intervals.


You can get energy as a reward for completing tasks, and this happens completely randomly when you finish doing something, regardless of how many energy points it takes in order to complete it. Also, look through your quests and your achievements, because many of them will earn you free energy points as a reward for completing them (not all of them will, though).

To get more experience points, do the same things as above, mostly. Everything that you do in this game will earn you experience points. Some tasks cost you one energy, while some cost you as much as 8 energy before you fill the completion bar. The ones which cost more energy, will earn you more experience points.

Complete quests and missions to earn more experience points, and complete assignments to earn them for a bonus as well. Also, go back to the various stores (So Chic, Kardash, etc) and work a shift, complete the shift with 5 stars, and you’ll earn a large bonus, too. The longer the shift, the bigger the bonus that you’ll earn.

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