Let It Goat – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Let It Goat is the latest trending iOS and Android game by Jack and Jack via SkyVu Entertainment. This internet-meme based 8-bit retro game is becoming insanely popular, and for good reason – it’s the self-proclaimed “next Flappy Bird” and it provides the same frustrating, simple and addicting high-score race that Flappy Bird did. Read on for some tips and tricks for Let It Goat!

At the beginning of the game, you’ll get two free power bears, which give you an extra hit point. Don’t use them until you play the game a good number of times so that you have practice at timing your jumps, so that you can put them to the best use possible. If you use them too early, delete the game and then reinstall it to get them back, or purchase more of them using gems.

Timing your goat’s jumps is the most important aspect of the game. Your goat will always jump a distance of around 7 squares, no matter how hard you press the screen or how long you press it for. Use this, look ahead at the obstacles coming up, then time your jumps so that you land in between spikes, corpses, or whatever.

Your score is based on how many obstacles you pass. Each one that you pass (spike, corpse etc) equals one point, so on some runs, the points will rack up FAR more quickly than they will on other runs. These will be tougher to get far on, though, due to the clusters of obstacles, so be extra careful in these runs.

Once you get to the graveyard area, you will have to deal with the two leveled areas. If you jump and hit your head on the platforms, you will survive and bounce right back down, but if you jump too early and smash into the front of a platform, your run will end, so hit the bottom of the platforms.

Take a break once in awhile when you notice yourself getting frustrated, because the more frustrated that you get, the more your score will drop. Leave the game alone for an hour or two and when you come back, fresh-faced and non-frustrated, notice your score start to increase.