MLB Perfect Inning – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

MLB Perfect Inning is a new high-tech baseball game for the iOS and Android platforms by (surprisingly) Gamevil Inc, a company that is more known for anime-style games than realistic simulators. MLB Perfect Inning is potentially the most realistic and balanced baseball game out on mobile today. You’re not going to get 32-0 scores every time here – – this game will actually challenge you, requiring you to play through the seasons and collect coins and stars. Read on for some tips and tricks for MLB Perfect Inning!

For hitting, the general strategy is that you should leave auto-aiming mode off, first of all, because the computer doesn’t automatically do the best aiming. Instead, it wings it, and timing becomes far tougher when manual mode is off. Aiming it yourself allows you to pick how you want to hit the pitch – high, low, or squarely even.

Work the count. Take balls to make the pitcher work for strikes, and take strikes to get a better strike (one that you can crush more easily). The more pitches they throw, the faster they tire out and the better the pitches you get. Look for bad pitches (they will have a shrinking indicator that shows you the distance from the plate).

As a pitcher, the main goal is to do the opposite and avoid bad pitches. Stop the pitch bar in the ‘good’ or ‘perfect’ category, or turn on the “strikeout pitch” mode to get a perfect pitch every time (albeit no bonus for it). Location is less important than throwing a “good” or “perfect” pitch, but a location in the corners of the strike zone helps when you need to get out of a jam and draw a ground ball or fly ball. Mix up pitches and locations to keep opposing batters off balance and off target.

The more that you do manually in games (such as aiming, tapping the pitch velocity and aim meter by yourself, fielding and baserunning) the higher the rewards that you earn in the game. Take this into account because even though a game takes longer this way, it will be far easier for you especially after taking on a tough mission than it would sit and wait through an automated game. Increase your difficulty level gradually for better rewards.

The draft is expensive and can be rather unreliable, so before you go at it again in the draft, you should spend your coins on player upgrades rather than on new players. Player cards can be upgraded an insane amount of times, leaving you loads of wiggle room to fix your weak spots and problem areas on your team.