Star Wars: Commander – How to get more battle points, alloy and credits

Star Wars: Commander is the latest, and by far the most addicting, game in the Star Wars franchise. This iOS and Android smash hit draws comparisons to Clash of Clans, and while that may cause consternation among fans, realize that CoC is one of the biggest hits in mobile history, and this is the one game that could potentially eclipse it. Alloy and Credits are the two main currencies in the game, while battle points are an indicator of how good your attack and defense is. Read on for some tips on how to get more of all three of these!

There are a limited number of buildings that will earn alloy or credits for attacking them. To get credits, you need to attack the credit markets and the credit depot. To get alloy you need to attack the alloy refineries and the alloy vaults on other peoples’ bases. Focus on these and even if you lose battle points, you will gain the resources that you need.

In the beginning though (and even beyond that), an easy bet for these rewards is to undertake the single player missions. All of them will earn you alloy and credit rewards for completing them, and many of them don’t even involve battling. They involve tasks that you would do anyways, such as upgrading defenses and buildings, or maxing out on your available number of a specific building.

When you attack other players, not only should you aim for their credit and alloy buildings (and headquarters), but figure out whether the collectors or the storages will earn you the most credit and alloys. The easiest way to tell is to simply look at the credit storages and the alloy vaults to see how full they are. If they are empty, then attack the credit markets and alloy refineries. If they are full, attack them (vaults and depots) instead.

Build the maximum number of alloy refineries and credit markets that you are allowed, and upgrade them as high as possible. Collect from them; when they are at low levels they can seem useless, but when they are at high levels, they will earn you a large number of resources. Upgrade your credit depots and alloy vaults to maximize the resources that they can hold at once.

Want to earn easy shields so that you can stay protected for long periods of time? Stick your headquarters outside of your base walls so that they get easily destroyed. You will lose battle points but you will get attacked by players who are after battle points, but who don’t care about resources. If your hq gets destroyed you will earn an instant shield.

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