Band Stars – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Part 2

Welcome to part two of the Band Stars top twelve tips and tricks! Click here to go back to part one. 6) Record as many songs as you can so that you can earn as many royalties as possible. You have two ways of earning coins – from the initial sales of the song, which […]

Band Stars – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Band Stars started off on Facebook and Google+, and is now one of the most popular games on the iOS and Android platforms! Your goal is to start a band, write all kinds of songs, and then build your band from a local nobody to a global sensation gradually. You’ll record songs, manage and upgrade […]

Band Stars – How to get more Coins, Inspirado and Energy Drinks

Band Stars, which recently made the jump from Facebook and Google+ to the iOS and Android platforms, has three different kinds of currency, unlike most freemium games, which have two. Coins are the main currency of Band Stars, and is used to make most of your purchases. Inspirado is the secondary currency, and is used […]

Band Stars – Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part two of the Band Stars tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide. You can use more different band members in each of your songs as you move up the charts. Hit the global charts and you can use six band members at a time. […]

Band Stars – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Band Stars is a new app that lets you create your very own band, record and release songs of almost any genre that you can think of, and earn all kinds of money and fans. As you go you’ll train and upgrade your band members and your equipment, get new instruments and furniture, while collecting […]