Godus – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide, Page 5

Expanding your settlement will, unfortunately, reset all of the farmers that were already inside of it to begin with (or builders or miners) and it will take some time to get them trained again. If you can’t use the time lapse trick to get them trained right away, or don’t want to, then minize the […]

Godus – How to load up on Wheat and Ore quickly, page 2

When you expand your territory using your beacon, look around, because often you’ll see abandoned mines and farms. All that you have to do to re-activate them is to level out the land enough for your followers to access the land, then start building settlements near the old farms and mines so that you can […]

Godus – How to load up on Wheat and Ore quickly

Godus, which is Peter Molyneux’s latest baby, is one of the fastest growing games around for the iOS and Android platforms, as well as for the desktops and laptops. Everything starts off all hunky dory early on, with the seeming ability to construct an unlimited number of settlements, but eventually, you’ll unlock the farms and […]

Godus – How to get more belief and followers, page 2

Settlements are the best and easiest way to get more followers and belief, because they allow you to build vertically, rather than horizontally. In this case, it doesn’t really matter what kind of settlement you build – it can be a farm, mine or builder’s settlement, or a farm, mine, or builder’s village. Either way, […]

Godus – How to get more belief and followers

Godus is Peter Molyneux’s new god game for the iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux platforms – so it’s pretty much all encompassing. There is a TON of stuff to do in this game, but at the root of it, it boils down to how many followers you can get, and how much belief you […]

Godus – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide, Page 4

Ever wonder what else is around the map? Scroll upwards and look around and you will find a nearly endless landscape. You’ll be able to see mountains, lakes, abandoned settlements, and even settlements that are occupied and belong to the tribes that are on the land. Plan ahead to figure out where you want to […]

Godus – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide, Page 3

The best way to fit more population into the same amount of space is to destroy older, outdated settlements after you upgrade your housing. To do this, you’ll need God Powers, which are unlocked after a certain population level, and accessible by tapping on the belief counter. Use the Finger of God to destroy an […]

Godus – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Your followers sometimes appear to have no sense of direction whatsoever. Remedy this by using the lasso method. You can lasso either single or multiple followers at the same time by holding down on one until the blue circle appears, then another, then another, and then finally drag your finger over to where you want […]

Godus – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Godus is the long-awaited new god game from Populous and Black and White creater Peter Molyneux and his new small-development studio, 22cans. Like those last two, you play as, of course, the god of the game, and as the almighty deity of Godusville (or whatever you want to call your land), you can do everything […]

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