Shadow Fight 2 – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide, Page 3

A great way to get free gems in Shadow Fight 2 is by completing offers or watching videos. To access them, go to the store tab and in the bottom array of icons, click the far right “free gems” icon. Each advertisement video that you watch will earn you 1 gem. The gems earned via […]

Shadow Fight 2 – How to get free coins, energy and gems

Shadow Fight 2 is a unique new fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms that puts you in the shoes of a ninja whose goal is to fight your way through an endless number of enemy ninjas and eventually make it to the top. To do this you need equipment, but to get new […]

Shadow Fight 2 – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide, Page 2

The best way to get caught off guard in the middle of a fight is to attack too early while your enemy is still recovering. If they recover in the middle of your failed attack, you’ll be extremely vulnerable, and they will usually take full advantage and start hammering on you. So wait until you […]

Shadow Fight 2 – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Shadow Fight 2 is a new iOS and Android game that blends fighting game mechanics with RPG elements. You’re a brand new ninja, and your goal is to fight through a seemingly endless array of rival ninjas, fighters and demons in order to become the top ninja in the land. Read on for some tips […]

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