Stranger Things: The Game – All Heart Pieces Guide and Locations, Page 3

For number 27, go to the dump using Mike, and get the game cartridge from underneath the pile of dirt, which is under an orange tarp. Give it to the clerk at Bradley’s Big Buy Store. For heart piece 28, buy the milk for 100 coins at the Big Buy Store. Then go to Mrs. […]

Stranger Things: The Game – All Heart Pieces Guide and Locations, Page 2

Heart piece 13 is inside of the Forest Maze. Get Will and then go back and go to the room on the west end and enter it. Heart piece 14 can be earned in Middle School by shooting out all five of the red bells that are on the walls. Heart piece 15 is earned […]

Stranger Things: The Game – All Heart Pieces Guide and Locations

Stranger Things: The Game features all of the characters from the best TV series on Netflix (in your humble author’s opinion), plus many more. You can go to 8 different dungeons and hunt down all sorts of objects, but one of the most low-key valuable collectables in the game are heart pieces. Just like in […]

Stranger Things: The Game – Character Upgrade Items Guide and Locations: How to get all of the character upgrades

Stranger Things: The Game contains many characters from the TV series, such as Chief Hopper, Lucas and Eleven, as well as a massive amount of collectibles. One of these collectible categories is the upgrades that you can unlock for each character in the game. These will increase their weapon stats and the number of their […]

Stranger Things: The Game – All VHS Tapes’ Locations – How to find every video cassette

Stranger Things: The Game is loaded with collectibles, in addition to the main dungeons. The sheer number of side quests brings back memories of Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening, with a ton of exploration to do outside of the dungeons. Find all eight of the VHS tapes, and you will be able to […]

Stranger Things: The Game – All Gnomes Locations – How to find every lawn gnome

Stranger Things: The Game has eight dungeons and a ton of side quests, not unlike many Zelda games. One of the side quests is collecting all of the gnomes in the game. There are twelve gnomes total in the game. Some of them are in locations that are rather easy to find, while some of […]

Stranger Things: The Game – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Stranger Things: The Game is a brand new mobile game that is based loosely off of the smash-hit show. You start off as Chief Hopper and your goal is to explore the overworld and the various dungeons in the game, completing quests and rescuing members of your crew one at a time. The graphics are […]