Weed Empire: Undercover War: Easy ways to load up on money and weed, page 2

Once you acquire a whole lot of money and weed, the next step is keeping it, and that means keeping it safe from the crooked cop, as well as from Frank, the gangster (when are gangsters not named Frank?). A quick and easy way to deal with them is simply to shut off the app and then restart it. They will come back fairly quickly afterwords, but you can do this as many times as you want.

To deal with the cop, you can put the cheerleaders panties on the wall, or you can stick all of your money and weed in the safe and let him try to arrest you. Paying him a bribe will cost you money, but depending on how much money you have at the moment before having a safe, sometimes it can be the best option. If you arrest him, he will break half of your pots in the ensuing struggle.

You can deal with Frank by shutting off the app as well, or you can deal with him the official way. Purchase the shotgun from Tom the athlete and then when Frank comes around you will have the option to fire at him. If you fire at him, he will leave and he won’t take anything with him.


An easy way to make more money is to get more customers, and you can get more customers by purchasing decorations from the shop. For example, purchasing a window or wallpaper will spruce up the place, which means that customers will show up more frequently. These also seem to increase the incidences of having a good customer reaction to a joint or a bong, although I have no way of proving that.

If you give a customer a joint and they give you a bad reaction and take back their offer to buy from you, offer them a bong before you kick them out because they might end up reacting much better to that and giving you a better offer. Or if you give them the bong first and they react poorly, try offering them a joint instead for the same reason.

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