Game of Sultans: PvP and PvE Guide – How to dominate the Arena, Frontier, Hunting Ground, Expeditions and Fortress

Game of Sultans features a ton of gameplay modes, to include such things as the hunting ground, the expedition/exploration, the frontier, the expeditions, and the fortress. All of these gameplay modes can give you huge rankings and rewards, and either pit you against other players or against the computer, or collaboratively with other players. Read […Read More]

Game of Sultans: Vizier Promotions and Items Guide – How to get New, Master, Elder, Grand, Arch, and Royal Viziers and Items

Game of Sultans features a whole host of viziers, or generals, who can boost the attributes and strength of your kingdom just by being on your side. You can level them up to 100 at first, but then you have to promote them to higher ranks. These ranks are New, Master, Elder, Grand, Arch, and […Read More]

Game of Sultans: Sultan and Viziers Guide – How to fully upgrade and level up your sultans and viziers, page 2

Additionally, each Vizier has a Consort who is associated with them in some way or another (family member, student, etc). This association with a consort provides large stat boosts, particularly when you boost the intimacy level of the consort to a level higher than 10. The stat boosts come on at intimacy level 10, 20, […Read More]

Last Shelter: Survival – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Last Shelter: Survival is a new base-management game for the iOS and Android platforms. that combines Clash of Clans-style customization with Game of War-style map exploration and alliance gameplay. Your goal is to build a powerful base, fend off the zombie attackers, and to trade blows with other players as well, while earning gems, food, […Read More]

Color Road: All Skins Guide – How to unlock all secret skins, tracks, and balls, page 2

Hidden Skin 4: Donuts (Day 4) Hidden Skin 5: Cupcakes (Day 5) Hidden Skin 6: Wheels and Tires (Day 6) Red Triangle Road: Complete one classic challenge. Green Rectangles Road: Complete five classic challenges. Purple Diamonds Road: Complete eight classic challenges. Green Hexagon Road: Complete 12 classic challenges. Blue Chevrons Road: Complete fifteen classic challenges. […Read More]