100 Balls – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

100 Balls is the latest in the simple-yet-insanely-difficult craze that has taken over the iOS and Android platforms – meaning that this is something that fans of games such as Flappy Bird, 2048 and White Tile will enjoy. You have a circle of cups rotating around and your goal is to drop the ping pong balls into the cups without losing any of them. Once you lose all of the balls or all of the cups, you’re done. Read on for some tips and tricks for 100 Balls!

It can be tempting to try to drop loads of balls into every cup, but the more balls you dump, the more likely some of them are to fall off to the side, so drop less balls per cup to have a better chance at aiming every single one of them into the cup. Once you get later into the game, the points will come much faster this way, since you’ll have more balls to drop and more cups to drop them into.

If you let a cup go by without dropping any balls into it, you’ll lose the cup. Once you start getting to later levels, it might actually be helpful to let a few cups fall away, because having every cup on the screen at the same time makes it very difficult when the levels get high (above 15) and the cups start moving more quickly.

You have two metrics by which you are ranked: level and score. To get a sky high level, all you need is a minimum of one cup and one ball. Just keep dropping the ball (or balls) into the one cup (or cups, if you’ve made it this far with more than one) over and over, and as long as you can keep pace with the gradual speed changes, your level will skyrocket.

For a higher score it’s best to try to keep more cups around as long as possible, and to try to keep as many balls as you can around for as long as possible. Aim for the colored cups because they are worth more points. Every ball that falls into a colored cup will take on the color of that cup, so you will earn the color bonuses for each color when you drop the colored balls into the clear cups, as well.