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Castle Clash Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3: Even More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part three of the Castle Clash tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

Build the arena literally as soon as you can in order to start collecting HB. HB is collected every hour just by the very existence of the arena. The higher that you increase your rank in the arena, the more HD that you will earn every hour. You earn 50 per hour initially, but you can quickly increase that well into the hundreds with a few well-placed wins in the arena.

You can only have up to five heroes at a time in the arena battles. If you have a massive amount of heroes, then pick the ones with the highest rarity level. Spread them around evenly when you organize your team for defense, so that the enemy player who challenges you won’t see any obvious weak points when they try to attack you.

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When you lose an arena battle by a close ratio and you want to challenge the same player again, remember their heroes’ positions on the battlefield, especially if they have an inefficient defensive setup. In particular, if they put all of their heroes in one spot, put all of your heroes in that same spot. If you have one hero who is disproportionately strong, line him or her up against two or more weaker enemy heroes.

Winning in normal battles (not arena battles, but classic base invasions) is a function of who has he biggest army, usually. Upgrade your town hall as high as you can in order to continuously increase the number of army camps and hero camps that you can put in your base. Level up your army camps to give them more defense range and housing spaces. Invade with the largest army that you possibly can.

Your main troops are your base short range attackers, such as Guardians, and your base long range attackers, such as Archers. Your Treants are your first example of a tank troop that targets defense towers, while your Pyromancers and other magicians shoot at long range and do heavy damage but low health. Use a militaryesque concept to maximize their effectiveness.

To do this, send in your tank troops to distract enemy defenses, then your main short and long range troops as the bulk of your army. Send in your super long range magic troops to fire from afar and provide cover for your troops.