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11 Strategies for Hill Climb Racing 2: Tips and Cheats to Win Every Race, Unlock Vehicles and Earn Gems

Hill Climb Racing is an old-school smash-hit for the iOS and Android platforms, and the long-awaited sequel, Hill Climb Racing 2, has predictably shot to the top of the download charts in a short period of time. You can unlock vehicles, earn coins and gems, power up each vehicle to get further into each level and compete against tougher and tougher players. Read on for 11 tips for Hill Climb Racing 2!

1: Proper handling of jumps can make or break a race. Use the left pedal to tilt the nose of your vehicle downward, and use the right pedal to tilt the nose of your vehicle upward. On flat land, the left pedal acts as the brake and the right pedal acts as the gas, so quick and accurate pedal-switching is needed to succeed. Tilt your vehicle to land as flat as possible every time.

2: Use the coins that you earn to keep your vehicle upgraded. Upgrade your engine for increased speed, your grip to put power to the ground better (especially on hills), your suspension for better jumping ability, and your AWD for better two-wheeled power delivery, regardless of which wheels are touching the ground.

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3: Don’t upgrade each trait unevenly, though. Keep all four traits upgraded evenly for a combination of speed and controllability. Upgrade your engine too far ahead of everything else and you’ll launch yourself into a bad situation every time. Upgrade your grip or AWD too high too soon and you won’t notice any difference until your engine is powered up.

4: When you win a race you will win a box with a reward in it. The boxes require between 2 and 8 hours depending on rarity to unlock, but you can unlock more common ones immediately for free by watching a video ad. Take the free unlock option as often as you possibly can, so that you can earn loads of coins and speed along the process of upgrading your truck.

5: Want to unlock more trucks? Keep winning races in the cups mode to increase your rank. New vehicles will be unlocked at Bronze III, Silver I, Silver II, and Gold I. Expect more new vehicles to be added with further updates to the game, as well, to correspond with the Platinum, Diamond, and Legendary ranks.

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