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2 for 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

2 for 2 is a new quick-fire puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms by TabTale (unlike most of their games, though, it’s not strictly a children’s game). Your goal in this game is to merge dots and make the largest numbers that you can, so that you can get the highest score that you can. Merge two and two to make four, merge four and four to make eight, etc. Read on for some tips and tricks for 2 for 2!

You can quadruple a number by merging four of the same number together – four twos can make an eight, for example. However, unlike some other similar games of this type, you typically do NOT want to do that. Doubling numbers is the best way to make a stack of merge-able numbers. Doing this, you can more easily make it to large numbers.

To do this, work on stacking 2s, 4s, and 8s all in a square or rectangle next to each other, then merge them one at a time, all in a line, so that your next merged numbers will be right next to each other, at which point they can be merged again. Keep this pattern up, and you will end up making large numbers with very little effort.

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Stars are the main currency of the game. You can earn stars by clearing numbers that have stars attached to them. If you earn 100 stars, you will be able to buy a new skin, changing the background of the game. There are a large number of different skins that you can buy and collect, and more are sure to be added to the game by the developers.

You get three undos per round. If you get stuck and you know that one more turn has a good chance of killing your round, you can use one of the undos in order to get into a more advantageous position in the game. Use all three of them at strategic points to keep the round going for as long as you possibly can.

There are not a whole lot of ads in this game, so generally, they are not all that annoying. You can always hit the options menu to purchase a no-ads option for only two dollars, and if you delete the game and reinstall it, you can always hit the ‘restore purchase’ button to restore it without having to spend any extra money. If you don’t have the purchase, but you are playing with no data or internet connection, there will be no ads anyways.