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20 Billion Wives – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

20 Billion Wives is the sequel to the bizarre clicker game 10 Billion Wives. Like its predecessor, this odd iOS and Android game follows you on your goal to marry 20 billion wives. There’s everything from the DJ wife to the Kotatsu wife and everything in between. Read on for some tips and tricks for 20 Billion Wives!

Your main currency in this game is love, and each new wife that you marry adds to the love per second that you earn. When you level up your wives, you earn more from them as well, but you also unlock various upgrades, the first one coming immediately and then the next three coming at various different experience levels. The level that you find the upgrade at depends on the wife.

The first three of the upgrades will earn you an LPS multiplier. The first upgrade doubles the LPS, while the next two upgrades will generally multiply that wife’s LPS by ten. The final upgrade doesn’t upgrade the LPS at all; instead, it unlocks an animation for that wife. So if you want to see that animation, then upgrade the wife to the experience level specified on the final upgrade.

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You can earn love by tapping, and you can upgrade the amount that you earn from each tap once you tap a specific number of times. Tap on the LPT upgrade button to either spend love to upgrade the taps, or to see how many taps you need to do in order to unlock the ability to purchase the next upgrade. Tap with two or more fingers to tap as quickly as you can.

That’s not the only way to upgrade the LPT. Hit the achievements area and you’ll see a whole host of achievements that you can unlock by completing specific tasks in the game, such as upgrading a specific wife 95 times or marrying a million wives. When you complete the achievement, go back to this menu and tap on the reward button for it, which will give you an LPT percentage boost.

You can get video bonuses which increase the level of your tap earnings for a short period of time. Tap on the gift box on the main menu to do so. Go to the History page and you will also be able to unlock bonus chests every six hours or so. The chests can have huge rewards, small rewards, or even negative rewards that drop your earnings.