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22 Seconds – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

22 Seconds is a new anti-endless game for the iOS and Android by endless game kingpin Ketchapp. Unlike most of their releases, though, the goal in this one is to go as far as you can within a set time limit. Specifically, you swipe to make the ball move through the obstacle course as far as possible within a span of 22 seconds. You can unlock new balls, and compare your scores to other players around the world. Read on for some tips and tricks for 22 Seconds!

You’re going to have to go a good distance through the course before you can start unlocking new balls by distance, but it won’t take long with the right tricks. Swipe with multiple fingers so that you can counter the rebounds off of the walls, because those will cause you to lose distance faster than anything else.

Do the alternating two-finger swipes and you will be able to get those high scores fairly easily. Get a score of 400 to unlock the bronze star ball. The silver star ball unlocks when you score 600 points in a single run. You can get the gold star ball by scoring 800 points in a single run.

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Aside from that, there are balls that you can earn for free. Hit the Facebook like button to earn the laughing emoji, which is a clone of the one that’s used on Facebook. Hit the Twitter follow button to earn the free bird ball. Each of the other balls can be purchased for a total of 100 crystals apiece.

You can collect the crystals as you move through the levels, but another good way to earn more crystals is to look for the free crystals offer after your round ends. It pops up about half the time and is worth ten gems per video watch. This tends to be a much quicker way to earn gems compared to collecting them in the game.

Hit the Game Center or Google Play areas to compare your high score to the high scores of other players around the world. Skip past the insanely unrealistic scores, as those tend to be hacked scores, and scroll down to the ones that are difficult but at least appear real, if you want to compare yourself to other top players and give yourself a target to shoot for.