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BitLife – Pop Star Guide – How To Become a Rich and Famous Musician

BitLife has had a number of career updates, and one of those allows you to become a popstar or a professional musician. Becoming a popstar can bring you riches and fame, but it also requires a certain set of attributes and work.

Read on for a guide to becoming a popstar in BitLife!

Your first steps to becoming a popstar start off when you are born. It helps to be born with good looks, but even if you are born with mediocre looks, you can improve them over time by going to the gym and engaging in other physical activities.

Be careful of plastic surgery though, as well it can make you look a whole lot better, the surgeon can screw it up and make you a whole lot worse, ruining your chances of ever becoming a popstar. It’s better to start over with a new life instead, where you are better looking.

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Complete school as usual, but avoid going to college, because you don’t want to rack up any extra student debt. Also, the younger that you get started on becoming a popstar, the better.

Same as one of the key components to becoming a pop star. There are many ways to add the fame meter to your traits; the traditional ways are to get a job such as being an actor, porn star, or something similar. Due to recent updates, you can also add to your fame meter by becoming a professional athlete or a royal.

Of course, you can skip all of those by holding out and waiting for a job that involves music, such as being an entry-level back up vocalist. Take a job like this, do the best that you can at that job by working harder at it, and you will eventually get promotions.

If you have already taken one of the other jobs that involves fame, then you can quit at any time and go for a vocalist job, and work for promotions. This can sometimes work even better, because you have that game built up already.

Be sure to keep your nose clean legally, and not get yourself involved in any criminal situations. Don’t commit crimes, and don’t try to become part of the mafia or mob. Any situation that involves you committing crimes or getting locked up will be detrimental to your career as a popstar.

Once you get that entry-level job, keep working harder at your job, once per year, and be patient, and eventually, he will become the lead singer of the band. If you are from Korea, you can even become the leader of a K-pop band.


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