5 Easy Strategies to Beat It’s Full of Sparks – Tips, Cheats, and Tricks Guide

It’s Full of Sparks is a new iOS and Android game by Noodlecake where you play as a firecracker, with the goal being to make it to the end of the level, at which you submerge yourself underwater to put out your wick. You have to make it before your wick explodes, and you have to deal with increasingly difficult obstacles and stringent time requirements. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to beat It’s Full of Sparks!

The main obstacles come as you continue to unlock the various color buttons, which make that color obstacles, platforms, and blockades appear and disappear, so you have to time the button presses with your running in order to speed through the courses. The farther that you get into the game, the more of these color buttons will appear. When a new one appears, the first stage or two will be an easy intro into the new challenge, while the next ones will be the tough ones.

Don’t try to go for three stars your first time playing a level. Take it a bit slow and feel out the obstacles, so that you know what button you need to press at what point in the level. Then hit reload after you beat the level and speed run it for that two- or three-star ranking.

If you run out of firecrackers, you have a few different options. You can either claim five free firecrackers, but this is activated on a time basis and if you run out of firecrackers too quickly, you can’t use this. You can also watch videos for 15 apiece, or enable pop-up ads for 25 immediate firecrackers.. When those 25 run out, the ads shut off and you can re-enable them again for the same bonus.

Hit the settings mode and you can customize the game to make it easier. You can change the control mode from buttons to a virtual joystick, or the other way around. Music or the timer can be switched on and off (the timer can help earn more stars), while colorblind mode and fast transitions can be turned off or on as well.

When you lose a firecracker, a new name will pop up. This is the name of your current firecracker that you are about to start the round with. Whenever you come to a level with dialogue, the talking character will call you by the name that popped up the last time that you died. Each firecracker also has a different appearance compared to the one before it.