5 Easy Strategies to Beat Knife Hit by Ketchapp – Tips, Cheats, and Tricks Guide

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Knife Hit is Ketchapp’s latest game for the iOS and Android, and this takes the common “throw the knife/arrow/line at the big orb in the middle” and fleshes it out with excellent graphics, boss fights, and all sorts of other goodies. You can unlock new knives, earn apples as currency, and play through a nearly endless amount of levels. Read on for some tips and tricks to easily succeed at Knife Hit by Ketchapp!

Master the art of fast-tapping, especially during the levels after about level 3 when you need to throw up some knives extremely quickly. You can throw knives REALLY close to each other, so take advantage of the fast-tapping to prevent having to go back and fill small gaps later on in the round. The faster the orb is spinning, the quicker that you can tap.

Whenever you get to a level that’s a multiple of 5 or 10, you’ll come up against a boss. The premise of the level is about the same as the standard ones except that many of them have tougher movements associated with them, especially the fortune wheel. So how do you beat the bosses? Slow down, take your time, and do the same thing as you do in any other level.

There are a ton of ways to get more knives in this game. One of them, as we went over above, is to beat the bosses. The other is to get the apples, and then go and spend them on new knives. 250 apples will allow you to spin for a new knife. There are a total of 16 knives at the moment that can be earned via spending your apples.

So there’s sixteen that can be earned by apples, and sixteen that can be earned by beating specific bosses. Video ads are another way to earn new knives. There’s two methods by which they can do this for you. The 16 other knives (besides those others) can be acquired by watching five ad videos apiece – not with apples or with actions completed within the game.

If you lose, then you get one chance per round to watch an advertisement video in order to restart the round from the level where you left off. You can only use this once per round; after you use it, buckle down and focus because you get no more restarts. The restarts are only available if you are playing the game with a network connection.

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