5 Easy Strategies to Beat Silly Sailing – Tips, Cheats, and Tricks Guide

Silly Sailing is a new racing game for the iOS and Android that captures the physics of sailing and distills them down to a cute 2D world, then has you race against other players, sail around freely, collect coins, and build up your collection of boats. Read on for some strategies on how to master Silly Sailing!

The key to winning a race is that you’re going to have to combine the right amount of sail deflection with the direction that you’re going in. When you hit a buoy (checkpoint), follow the arrow to the next one. When the wind is at your back to any degree, go full sails. When the wind is in front of you, retract your sails or they will slow you down.

If you need to add some speed to your boat but you’re moving perpendicularly to the wind (e.g. the wind is blowing to the south and you’re going west), turn so that the wind is slightly at your back, go full sails for a bit, then retract the sails and aim back toward the buoy. The speed boost from going full sail will carry over to your boat and will hold for awhile even after you aim back towards the buoy as long as you retract the sails before you turn.

Before you get too heavily into actual racing, do two things. Go back to your old races and try them again, since you have already played the courses, therefore you’ll know what routes to go and how to modify your direction. On top of that, you can also do free sailing, so you can mess around with the wind and experiment with different sail deflections.

Asy ou rack up the coins, you can unlock new boats by purchasing them. At first you can get small boats of various shapes; they tend to have various different looks, but they tend to perform the same. Later on, you’ll also be able to unlock large boats, and race them against other players who have unlocked large boats.

Even if you lose in a race, you’ll still be able to go to the next level. So if all that you want to do is move onto the next level, then simply play the latest level, and then play the level after that, and so on until you unlock them all. The first time that you play a level, you’ll play against the developers’ ghost characters; when you replay the level, you’ll match up against the ghost racers of other players, so it will be easier.