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9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013 – How to win at the Home Run Derby and Special Mode Games

In 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013, there are multiple types of game modes. One of them is the friendly mode, which is basically an exhibition game. The other is the league mode, which of course, is the MAIN type of game that you play in 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013. The other two are the Home Run Derby and the Special Mode. Special Mode is the one where you get to play against the World Series champions and the All-Star teams from the American and National Leagues. They can seem impossible to beat, but read on for ideas on how to beat all of them.

The Home Run Derby is all about timing. If you hit the ball RIGHT before it hits the strike zone, you will hit it every single time. It takes a little bit of trial and error to figure out when that time is, but once you get it, you can hit a homer almost every time. Of course, you should always pick the most powerful home run hitter on your team, as well. Combine cards to find one if you have to.

I’ve also found that when you bat, swiping from right to left (for a right handed hitter) and left to right (for a left handed hitter) causes far more home runs to leave the park.

Beating the all-star games and the world series champions is a different story, as they are all leveled up to the max. First, you should probably play an entire season in league mode before even attempting this even if it is just a short season. Play manually for EVERYTHING, so that you can earn the most bonus cards that you can.

Swap bonus cards in and out, and combine the ones that you don’t need so that they become better players. If you get an excellent player who is worth keeping, level him up as much as you possibly can so that he grows more and more powerful.

Lastly, level up your pitcher (the one who is scheduled to pitch the next league mode game) as high as you can afford to. A good pitcher will make ALL of the difference between getting slaughtered and keeping the game close. In fact, you should probably power up the pitcher before even powering up the batters.

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