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99 Arrows – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

99 Arrows is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android. Your goal is to shoot arrows at the ball in the center of the screen, without hitting any other arrows or messing up a shot in any other way. You can collect coins, beat tougher and tougher levels, and unlock new game modes, as well as new arrows. Read on for some tips and tricks for 99 Arrows!

You can earn coins, and coins are what you use to purchase new styles of arrows. One way to earn coins is to click on the present icon that shows up in the corner of the screen on the main menu. The icon shows up every 12 hours, so go back and collect every half a day in order to max out on your coin gains. Shoot the coins that pop up in the levels themselves, as each one is worth five coins apiece.

The classic levels are some of the easiest ones to beat, due to how straightforward they are. All that you have to do is the simple task of shooting an arrow into the circle. To make the process quicker, shoot quickly, firing multiple arrows into each gap whenever possible. It takes a bit of practice, but it allows you to race through levels quickly.

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Color arrow and side shot modes are the same concepts. In color arrow mode, make sure to keep an eye on what color the next arrow is; if it’s flashing, it can shoot at any color. For the side shot, it’s the same as classic but from the side; if you want to make it easier, turn the phone sideways so that it plays as normal. Then all that you have to deal with is only half of the big circle being visible.

For the twin fire ones, you have one main circles and two sets of arrows; the game “AA” has stages similar to this. For Darkness mode, only part of the screen is illuminated, making it harder to see what is coming. Otherwise, it’s the same as the classic mode.

Double vision mode is like the twin fire mode except that there are two main circles and two sets of arrows; this makes it a little bit easier than the twin fire mode. Infinite mode is an endless version of the game, with all of these above challenges rolled into one where your goal is to get the highest score possible. Insane mode is simply a game mode that contains extremely difficult stages, and challenges that don’t really fit anywhere else in the game.