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aa (The Game) – All Levels Guide and Walkthrough – How to win and beat every level, level 31-60

31: Wait for the slowdown and drop dots. Keep going until there are five between each spoke.
32: Same but directions are reversed.
33: Same but watch the pattern closely because it changes at weird times.
34: Same as above and the pattern is more normal than before.
35: Same but both of the wheel’s speeds are slower and more differentiated so watch out and be extra careful. Use two thumbs to tap.

36: Directions are reversed. drop four to five dots between each set of spokes as usual.
37: More spokes, so go ahead and drop four between each set.
38: Intro to directional change. Easy level.
39: Intro to mixing speed changes and directional changes. Learn how to time the patterns. Easy level though.
40: Drop dots at high speed, to a beat or a pattern. Recommend the speed of “Gentleman” by PSY.

41: Crazy speed changes and directional changes so drop dots slowly and watch the pattern.
42: Drop dots closely when the speed drops. Watch out for directional changes. Play slowly.
43: drop dots when the wheel slows down. Directional changes take awhile to happen so don’t get caught off guard. If it’s getting close to a directional change, wait it out and then start dropping dots again.
44: Same as above.
45: same as above but speeds change very rapidly.

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46: Fast moving wheel with directional changes and slight speed changes. Wait for the slowdown and drop one dot at a time very carefully.
47: Same as 46 but slower.
48: No speed or directional changes. Drop four or five dots between each set of spokes.
49: Fast wheel. Drop dots carefully, two or three at a time and fill in the blanks later. Or if you are really fast, do four at a time.
50: Jerky wheel speed changes. Drop two dots at a time at most, during the slow times.

51: Drop two dots between each set of spokes but slow down and focus because the wheel is fast here.
52: One set of spokes is slightly wider. Drop the dot in between those two.
53: Some spokes are wider than others. Drop the two dots in between the wider ones.
54: Same as above but with three dots to drop.
55: Same as 53 but with quick speed changes so watch out.

56: Use two fingers to drop the dots as quickly as absolutely possible. Slightly slower than level 40.
57: No speed changes. Just drop two dots between each set of spokes.
58: Same as above but faster and reversed direction.
59: Drop one dot between each set of spokes, then fill in the blanks with the last two dots.
60: Drop ten dots on each side in quick succession.

Levels: 1-30 31-60 61-90 90-120