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aa (The Game) – All Levels Guide and Walkthrough – How to win and beat every level, level 61-90

61: Slow wheel with no spokes. Drop each dot close together and carefully.
62: Same as above but now with a time limit.
63: Drop two dots between each set of spokes within the time limit.
64: Same as above but the wheel moves faster so you have to tap faster.
65: Speed changes. Drop five dots between each set of spokes.

66: Very fast and with speed changes, drop one dot between each set of spokes but be careful about it while still staying within the time limit.
67: Drop two dots in between each set of spokes. Time limit and speed changes.
68: Same as 66.
69: no time limit. Drop five dots between each set of spokes and take your time.
70: Time limit, drop four dots between each set of spokes. No speed changes or direction changes..

71: Similar to 66 and 68 but more dots and more spokes, and more jerky speed changes.
72: Fast with speed changes but it’s an easy level due to only five dots.
73: Same as 72 but with 15 dots. Drop four between each spoke.
74: Drop seven dots between each set of spokes. No speed changes.
75: Three spokes, major speed and directional changes and takes FOREVER to access 2/3 of the wheel. Wait it out until you have access to space to drop dots.

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76: Like above but super fast and with a time limit. Drop dots fast and be careful.
77: Easy stage, drop a dot between each spoke set.
78: Same as above but in the other direction.
79: Drop six dots on each side of the wheel.
80: Insanely hard. Focus, tap when you are immediately under a spoke. Or just shut your eyes, tap and pray!!

81: Blank wheel but jerky speed changes. Drop carefully.
82: Three spokes, drop five dots in between them with speed. Timed stage.
83: Drop 11 dots on each side before the timer runs out. Do it quickly because the slowdown will kill you fast.
84: Tap REALLY fast with two fingers alternating to drop the dots. The wheel moves fast.
85: Very slow wheel, drop the dots SUPER close together.

86: Two spokes are farther apart than the rest. Wait for them to come front and center and put the dot there.
87: Size changing dots. Easy stage, place them as if they are full-sized. They shrink when you place them.
88: Place the dots fast and make them quick.
89: Now dots at the end of spokes grow wide. Place your dots further away from them so they won’t grow and hit them.
90: Now all of the dots grow, so place them far enough apart to compensate.

Levels: 1-30 31-60 61-90 90-120