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aa (The Game) – All Levels Guide and Walkthrough – How to win and beat every level, level 91-120

91: Now all of the dots change size. Otherwise this is a very easy level. place further apart than usual to account for the growth.
92: combines color changing dots with direction changing wheel. Time the wheel’s changes so you know when they are coming.
93: Speed and direction change at the same time. Watch the pattern of the changes for awhile and then place dots during the slow times.
94: Place two rapid fire dots in between each spoke. Take your time and focus. No timer, so don’t rush it.
95: Waste a turn watching the pattern of directional changes. Drop two dots between each pair of spokes. No speed changes.

96: Introduction to directional changes on tap. Easy level.
97: Times with directional changes on tap. drop dots close, then move to another area and drop dots close.
98: Tap when the dot is right over another spoke or dot. Fast level, direction changes.
99: Same as above but the spokes are very close together so take your time and focus. Speed changes, so wait until the slow periods to tap.
100: Place two dots at a time close together then move to the next area and repeat. Timed stage with tap directional changes.

101: Same as 98 but with more spokes. tap when the dot is right under a spoke.
102: Drop two close to each other, move to another area and repeat. Drop one at a time when you are down to your last four or so. drop to the beat of a blues song such as “Mannish Boy” by Muddy Waters.
103: Another clone of 101 and 98.
104: Same strategy as 102 but faster.
105: Drop one dot in each section. watch out for the time limit and expanding spoke dots.

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106: Drop dots rapidly on each side and then fill in the open areas with your last few dots. No directional or speed changes.
107: Drop two quick dots between each set of spokes. Take your time and focus.
108: Two spokes are further apart than the rest. Drop three dots inside that pair and two inside of the other pairs.
109: Slow with directional changes on tap. Easy stage, just place the dots.
110: Watch for speed changes. Place two dots between each set of spokes. Watch the pattern and wait for the slow periods. The high speed enables fast tapping.

111: Speed now changes with each tap. Drop two dots at a time in quick succession to negate the speed change.
112: Speed AND direction change with each tap. give more room on the left side than the right side when you tap.
113: Tap a few times and waste a few turns to get the hang of the pattern. tap to the beat of the chorus of “Feel like making love” by Bad Company.
114: Changes speeds on its own. Wait til the slow periods to drop dots.
115: Do slow double taps to the beat of So Long Farewell, from The Sound of Music. then fill in blanks with the last left over dots.

116: Drop two dots at a time to keep the speed consistent. Keep it on slow speed.
117: Use the So Long Farewell taps again but time them so you start a double tap right as you are under a spoke.
118: Intro to blank dots. easy stage at this point. just tap sort of fast.
119: Blank dots plus direction change on taps. Blank dots appear at the exact same time as the direction change, not delayed like number dots. Tap in such a way as to teeter-totter the two spokes back and forth. Look at the blank dots for the first four taps, then for the next six taps look at the numbered ones.
120: Speed changes, blank dots and direction changes all attached to taps. There aren’t that many dots though so just watch the blank dot area and you’ll be fine.

Levels: 1-30 31-60 61-90 90-120