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aa (The Game) – All Levels Guide and Walkthrough – How to win and beat every level

aa is General Adaptive’s flagship “focused, minimalist” puzzle game, and while focused and minimalist sounds more like a way to describe architecture than a game, aa makes for one seriously addicting app. The 600 levels are insanely addicting and insanely tough, but every level has its own strategy that enables a fairly easy victory. Read on for the full guide and walkthrough on how to win and beat every level in aa!

As follows, here are guides and techniques on how to beat all of the levels, one by one.
1: This one is a no brainer. You simply have to place the dots on the board in between the spokes. This is the introductory level.
2: Same deal here. Place the dots between the spokes. Easy level.
3: Place two dots in between each spoke. Don’t let them touch.
4: The wheel goes faster this time, but do the same thing and use two thumbs to make it easier.
5: Same as above but spokes are faster and closer together. Take your time and focus before you drop two dots between spokes.
6: Same as above, but direction is reversed.

7: Direction flips again. Drop two dots between spokes as before.
8: Same thing as above, except direction is flipped, and with even more dots to drop.
9: Start working on dropping three dots in between spokes. The spokes are more spaced out and you have more dots to drop.
10: Spokes are tighter together now, so go ahead and do two dots in between each set of spokes.
11: Two dots between spokes again. This one is slower and therefore easier.
12: Same as above but the direction is flipped again.

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13: Spokes move far more quickly. Tap very quickly with two alternating thumbs to drop two dots between each spoke.
14: Slower spokes but a lot of dots. Drop three dots between each spoke.
15: Same as above but directions are reversed.
16: Three dots between spokes again, but this time the spokes are a little bit off kilter from each other.
17: drop two dots between each set of spokes. They need to be fairly close together so be careful.
18: Introduction to speed changes. Watch the pattern. Easy level.

19: Same as above but now with more dots to drop.
20: Same but harder. Drop dots during slow times to make it easier to put them close together.
21: Long waits between speed changes so slow down and time the pattern.
22: wait for the slowdown then drop three dots between each two spokes.
23: Drop every dot rhythmically and closely without bumping the spoke or other dots.
24: Drop dots during fast and slow periods but watch out for the extremely slow slowdown.

25: Wait for the slowdown and drop two dots between each spoke.
26: Wait for the slowdown and drop three dots between each set of spokes.
27: Same as above.
28: no speed changes. drop four or five dots in quick succession between each set of spokes. slow down and concentrate before you drop dots.
29: Same as above but faster.
30: Wait for the slowdown and drop five dots between each set of spokes. Or drop as many as you can, as close together as you can, then go back later and fill in the blank spots.

Levels: 1-30 31-60 61-90 90-120