aa – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

aa is a new “minimalist, focused” app in a series of two-letter games for the iOS and Android platform by General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd (short game name, long developer name). They call it the game to end all games and a great anti-game. Your humble author calls it an insanely difficult, frustrating and addicting quest through more than 600 levels of figuring out how to attach the little ball to the big ball. Read on for some tips and tricks for aa!

Timing is key in this game, but so is speed too. You have to tap to move the dot into the circle, but you have to avoid running dots into other dots or you’ll lose. Sometimes, though, you have to bridge the gap between speed and care, though. Whenever you can, use two fingers at just a high enough speed to squeeze two dots in, or even three dots if you need to make it into a very tight space and have a ton of dots left over.

The further that you get into the game, the tougher that the levels get. One of the reasons for this is that later on, they start changing speeds on you. Your best bet is to slow down at this point, and time the spinning circle. Wait until it gets into its slow period and then tap. It’s easier at this time than the quicker period is.

At the end of a stage, you can go back to any level that you have played previously. All that you have to do is to tap the level select text at the top of the screen, then input whatever level you want to go back to. You can’t go to any level that you haven’t played, but you can go to any level that you have played and beaten.

The timing can be real strange on the levels where it changes directions as soon as you tap. On those levels, tap a little later than your instincts would normally tell you to tap because the direction changes immediately when you tap, rather than when the ball connects.

You can play without the ads if you put your phone into airplane mode before you play it. However, since the ads are how the developers make their money, I recommend against this.

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