Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium – Unlock All Hidden Fish and Secret Fish, page 2

Mauve Stinger – Take a picture of Jellyfish 10 times
Moorish Idol – shoot 5 pictures of the mystery chest
Narwhal – Tap the top left corner again and again, thousands of times
Naso Tang – Get 30 Tangs
Oarfish – Prize for loading the game 21 days straight

Pajama Cardinal – Open application 20 times in one day
Peppermint Angel – Get 30 Angelfish
Potbelly Seahorse – Share picture of Seahorse 3 times
Pygmy Seahorse – Play at 4:00am 5 times (you can exit and re-open 5 times after 4am)
Queen Angel: Level the Fragile Staghorn Coral to 3,000

Randall’s Goby – Take a picture of a Goby 3 times
Scribbled Angelfish – Click on the “see more” button in the Instagram feed 10 times
Sea Slug – play the game for 7 days straight
Snowflake Clownfish – Tap Twitter 5 times in the settings menu
Spotted Mandarin Dragonet – Start application upon notification (enable notifications in settings if you don’t have them enabled

Springer Dottyback – Share on any social network 3 times
Striped Marlin – Take a picture of one that visits (10% chance every ½ hr) Make sure to focus on it
Whale Shark – Start application upon notification, 10% chance of unlocking after not playing for 2 hours

That is all of the known secret fish for now, but stay tuned as they are always adding more of them to the game. Also, whenever a limited time event comes around, especially for some sort of holiday such as Halloween or Christmas, there are going to be new fish that you can unlock.

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