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Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium – Unlock All Hidden Fish and Secret Fish

AbyssRium is an aquarium clicker game that is absolutely loaded with stuff to do. You can upgrade your stone for more vitality, grow coral on it, and even load more fish into your aquarium for boosts and to keep your stone happy. There is a huge list of standard fish, but the secret hidden fish are numerous as well. Here is a list of all of the hidden fish and how to unlock them!

One thing to keep in mind is that for this entire list, once you do the action, you still have to buy the fish in the fish store, just like you would for any other fish. However, the fish won’t be available to purchase until you complete one of these actions. Each fish gives you a different bonus for purchasing it.

Black & White Clownfish – Buy Beginner Package
Blue Clownfish – Take a picture of a Clownfish 3 times
Camel Cowfish – Share picture of Blowfish 3 times
Clown Tang – Take a picture of a Tang 5 times
Commerson Dolphin – Save picture of Lonely Corallite or Dolphin 3 times

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Convict Tang – Have the app open for one hour but do nothing the whole time
Cross Damsel – Take a picture of a Damsel 3 times
French Angel – Save picture of Angel 3 times
Giant Isopod – Prize for loading the game 14 days in a row
Giant Jellyfish – Buy Advanced Package

Hammerhead Shark – Save picture of Shark 3 times
Harp Seal – Buy Supreme Package
Humpback Whale – Buy Master Package
Jewel Damsel – Tap the upper left corner of the screen 1000 times
Juvenile Spotted Boxfish – Start application from “This is the time to get hidden fish” push notification, 10% chance of unlocking after not playing for 2 hours

Leatherback Turtle – Open Mystery Chest 50 times
Legendary Sunfish – Tap the Sun Fish vitality 100 times
Lionfish – Buy Junior Package
Mahi Mahi – Play at midnight/00:00 10 times (you can change the time on your phone settings for this one)
Manta Ray – Share picture of Sting Ray on Twitter 3 times

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