Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Cheats and Tips: The Strategy Guide

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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is an insanely good-looking new fishing game by Com2us for the iOS and Android platforms. Seriously, the water graphics look almost exactly how they would in real life, except better. The game starts off easy but ends up getting tough very quickly. So here’s some tips and tricks for Ace Fishing: Wild Catch.

-Whenever you start a new area, fish with your most basic equipment first so that you can knock out the easy fish in the area.
-Then, go to your tacklebox and equip your stronger equipment (the more expensive stuff) so that you have a better shot at catching the bigger fish, and especially the boss fish.

-Catching the basic fish is pretty easy. Usually all that you have to do is wait for the fish to jump, jerk to the indicated side, let the reel turn multiple times to fill up your power bar, then use your special skill and the battle is done.
-The bigger fish and the boss fish put up more of a fight, so to catch them more easily, bounce the tension meter off of the “p” over and over to fill up the bar. Try to get it filled up before you run out of line, and don’t let the line break. Then use your special skill/pull back on the line.

-If you want a new way to play the game, go to the options menu and enable “sensor”, and you’ll be able to use your phone like a Wiimote, pulling and jerking to the side with the phone itself rather than with swipes.
-Stick every fish that you catch into the fish tanks. Common fish mature quickly so selling them is a way to earn some quick coins. Rare fish, special fish and boss fish take much longer to mature but the extra rewards will be far greater when you do sell them at full size.

-Always repair your fishing rod before the durability runs out. Once it does, you’ll be out of luck as it will be unrepairable, and losing a premium or expensive fishing line will set you back a long way.
-If you want to know how much longer you have to battle a fish for, check out the energy bar right next to the fish. Your various moves (yanking, jerking to the side etc) will reduce the energy bar. Once the bar empties out, the fish will become easy to catch because the battle will essentially be over.

-The fastest way to fill your special move bar (if you have a long line or if the fish isn’t extremely far away) is to let the tension drop on the line, then hold the button and let the reel spin as many times as possible. The more consecutive times you do it, the faster the power up bar increases.

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