[Ace Fishing: Wild Catch] Here’s How To Get Free Cash and More Gold

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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is a free to play game with IAPs, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for you to spend money in order to get ahead. Cash is the premium currency of the game, while gold is the non-premium currency. Despite the pricey nature of both of them (especially cash), you can get both of them without spending any real life money. Here’s how to do just that.

As always, we’ll put the good stuff first. Here’s how to get the free cash.
-Log into Com2us from the game, or register if you don’t already have an account, for five free cash.
-Complete quests. Many of them will give you free cash while others will give you other goodies that you can only normally purchase with cash.

-Complete milestones (can be checked and rewards can be collected in the Milestones screen in the menu area).
-Check the mailbox for random free rewards or side quest rewards.
-Participate in the fishing tournaments as often as possible, and rank as high as you can. Save all of your good line and lures for the tournaments if that’s what you decide to do.
-Complete fish collections in the fish list book (also in the menu screen) for cash rewards.

And here’s how to get more gold.
-As above, complete quests, as many of them have gold as a reward.
-Catch fish, and then fully grow them before selling them to earn higher gold rewards.

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-Check out the events page to see what limited time events are going on. Many of them can earn you loads of gold (and some of them can even earn cash as well).
-Participate in the fishing tournaments. If you rank lower than the other participants (the ones who earn cash) but still rank high enough, you’ll earn a substantial gold reward.
-Many of the milestones and fish list rewards also consist of gold.

-Take a good lure and a good line out so that you have a higher chance at bigger and rarer fish when you fish, and so that you can make enough tension and do enough damage to actually catch them.
-Get the perfect casting bonus every time so that you get a high chance at big/rare fish.

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