Ace Fishing: Wild Catch – Top 20 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch was released for one sole purpose, and that is to make every other fishing game on the App Store look like old news. Seriously, just look at the water physics! You get to go all the way from Hawaii to the Mariana Trench to Brazil, and more, catching fish, loading up your fish collection in your fish tanks, and entering tournaments. Read on for the top twenty tips for Ace Fishing: Wild Catch!

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20: Want to swing your phone around instead of using swipe controls? Go to the options menu and turn on the sensor and you can pull back and swing your phone from side to side like an actual fishing pole.
19: Know what your equipment does. Your fishing rod and your reel control how much damage you can do to fish as you battle them. The better the rod and reel, the more damage you can do.

18: If you can’t yet afford a better rod and reel but you still have a significant amount of coins, power up your existing rod and reel to increase the damage done.
17: Always remember to repair your rod and reel before they get to the point of breaking. Once they break, they can’t be repaired and you have to buy new ones.

16: Your fishing lure controls how rare and how big your bites will be. Match the lure to the location for best results.
15: Better fishing line means more tension allowed before breaking the line, and you can let the line go out for longer distances before you lose the fish.

14: Equip the good lure and the good line together. Never equip the high end lures without high end line, or it will be nearly impossible to catch the big fish that you find.
13: The game gives you quests as you go. Complete the quests in order to earn coin, cash and key rewards (among other rewards).

12: When you’re fishing, if you can’t get the reel to spin multiple times in a row, bounce the tension meter off of the “p” instead in order to fill the special move meter.
11: Always remember to watch for cues to jerk the rod to the side. You’ll only be able to jerk it from one side to the other, but if you catch the cue in time you’ll do a lot of damage to the fish.

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