ACR Drift – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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ACR Drift is a new free to play game by Crooz for the iOS, and don’t be surprised if it ends up on Android as well. ACR stands for Auto Club Revolution, and in this game you can drift almost any car you want – rear drive, front drive, mid-engined, all wheel drive, it doesn’t matter. Your goal is to quest through various stages and beat various underground drift lords and their cohorts. Read on for some tips and tricks for ACR Drift!

You run out of gas (energy) fairly quickly in this game if you play a lot. You can either buy more energy or simply wait for it to come back. Or, you can go to the tips and tricks setting on your phone and set the time forward, and then go back to the game. 1 hour should be enough time to restore a completely empty gas gauge.

You can do this as many times as you want; however, when you revert the time back to normal, the extra free energy will go away, so decide how far ahead you want to set the time, and then put it back to normal when you go to bed. The same trick can be used to get import parts quickly, instead of having to wait for them.

To get a perfect launch every time, launch when the needle on the tachometer is in the top half of the green gauge, closer to the redline. A perfect launch is one of the easiest ways to win a race.

To get a perfect drift every time, start your drift as your rear wheels are right over the center of the white turn line. To make it an even better drift, take the inside corner of each turn. If your rival is close to you, you can often end up pushing them out of the way by doing this.

If your driving skills are paramount, you will not need to upgrade too often. The only time you will need to upgrade is when the rival’s car’s overall skill is a higher level than your overall skill. Otherwise, save your coins up so that when you hit a higher tier, you can more easily buy a better car.

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