Adorable Home (iOS/Android): How To Get All Animal Visitors and List Of Animal Visitors

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Adorable Home is a relaxing game for the iOS and Android platforms by HyperBeard Games where you collect love, decorate your home and garden, and get a whole bunch of cats, while capturing various moments on camera. One of the harder-to-figure-out aspects of the game is the ability to attract animal visitors.

Of course, the first step to getting visitors is to have a garden. To get the garden, first, you have to get 3,000 love, or hearts. Then, go to the store, go to the garden tab, and buy the garden. When you buy it, you won’t really have much of anything at first, but you’ll at least be able to access it now.

Once you have the garden, go back to the store and look through the garden tab. You’ll have a ton of different items to purchase, from flowers to trees to stumps to outdoor furniture. These cost far less than the 3,000 love that the garden did originally, thankfully.

The items in the garden store are the key to attracting visitors. Different animals have an affinity for different items in the garden. So first, go to the store and buy items that you want.

Next, go to the “mine” tab and find the items that you just bought under the garden tab. Then tap them and place them where you want them. You have a ton of different slots in the garden, so you can put plenty of items down.

Animal visitors won’t appear at first; they’ll appear randomly, so when you log into the game and go out to the garden, you have a chance of seeing them out in the garden.

When you do see them, there will be hearts over their heads, so tap on them to collect the love/hearts that they give you. Keep checking back throughout the day to see more visitors appear, and to collect more love and hearts.

Eventually, if you do heavy shopping in the garden section of the store, you’re eventually going to run out of spaces to put stuff. Swap items in and out every once in awhile if you want to find every single one of the visitors.

Once a visitor has shown up that’s tied to a specific item, stick that item back into your inventory and swap in a new item. Then do the same when that item’s visitor shows up. Keep doing this until you find every possible visitor.

Occasionally, an animal will sometimes even visit your lounge area – predictable since your glass sliding door is always open. The same rule applies with these ones in that different animal visitors are tied to different items, but it’s more of a guessing game here since animals tend to be rare.

Here is a list of animal visitors that appear in the game:

Barney the Walrus

Bobo the Koala

Bobby the Poodle

Brownie the Bear

Coco the Raccoon

Ed the Frog

Eddy the Seagull

Emily the Scottish Fold

Fiona the Swan

Flame the Flamingo

Hank the Dog/Mutt

Honey the Bee

Ivory the Fox

Kaka the Crab

Lela the Sandhill Crane

Jenny the Rabbit

Mira the Deer

Nimo the Hamster

Peter the Hedgehog

Rosy the Butterfly

Yoyo the Ferret

Yuki the Shiba Inu

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4 thoughts on “Adorable Home (iOS/Android): How To Get All Animal Visitors and List Of Animal Visitors

  1. Yani

    You forgot to mention:

    Fred the Dog/Schnauzer
    Rolex the Eagle
    Joy the Duck
    Rainbow the Bird
    Albert the Golden Retriever
    Brandy the Dog/Beagle(?)
    Lorre the Beaver
    Gigi the Corgi
    Willy the Toucan
    Vivi the Butterfly
    Nell the Dog/Collie(?)
    Jade the bird/Magpie(?)

  2. Claus

    (I think this is all of them, not sure tho. I think I’m missing a lil more)

    1. Albert the Golden Retriever
    2. Alex the Red Panda
    3. Barney the Sea Lion
    4. Blake the Crow
    5. Bobby the Poodle

    6. Bobo the Koala
    7. Bono the Seal
    8. Brandy the Beagle
    9. Bronco the Coonhound
    10. Brooke the Pug

    11. Brownie the Brown Bear
    12. Cici the Canary
    13. Coco the Raccoon
    14. Daisy the Pomeranian Dog
    15. Dave the Red Sparrow

    16. Dolly the Squirrel
    17. Duke the Siamese Cat
    18. Ed the Frog
    19. Eddy the Seagull
    20. Emily the Scottish Fold Cat

    21. Fiona the White Swan
    22. Flame the Flamingo
    23. Fred the Schnauzer
    24. Gary the Blue Parrot
    25. Gigi the Corgi

    26. Hank the Soft-Coated Terrier
    27. Honey the Bee
    28. Hudson the Husky
    29. Ivory the Snow Fox
    30. Jade the Magpie

    31. James the Monkey
    32. Jenny the Rabbit
    33. John the Bull Terrier
    34. Joy the Duck
    35. Judy the Badger

    36. Kaka the Crab
    37. Lela the Crane
    38. Lexi the Turtle
    39. Lorre the Otter
    40. Magi the Short-Haired Cat

    41. Mira the Deer
    42. Nell the Collie Dog
    43. Niko the Short-Tailed Cat
    44. Nimo the Hamster
    45. Owen the Polar Bear

    46. Oz the Owl
    47. Parker the Samoyed Dog
    48. Peter the Hedgehog
    49. Pipin the Parrot
    50. Polly the Penguin

    51. Rainbow the Colorful Sparrow
    52. Rexy the Red Fox
    53. Robin the Sloth
    54. Rolex the Eagle
    55. Rosy the Butterfly

    56. Vivi the Butterfly
    57. Willy the Toucan
    58. Yoga the Dachshund
    59. Yoyo the White Marten
    60. Yuki the Shiba Dog

  3. Molls

    How do you get Yuki? What item is the dog attached to?

  4. Erika

    hi just wanna ask what happens to the love that a visitor gave you if you happen to miss the time they were in your garden?


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