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Adorable Home (iOS/Android): Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Adorable Home is a new casual game for the iOS and Android platforms by HyperBeard. This is the kind of game that you play to relax after a long day. You simply enjoy the love (literally, love is the currency in this game), follow your residents, and take care of the pets.

Of course, you can then use the love to purchase new furniture, the garden and other new areas of the house, and even get new pets. You can get tons of love and make your house an amazing home, with animal visitors to boot.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Adorable Home!

Getting Love (Hearts)

The main goal in this game, as far as gathering things, is to get love, which is the currency of the game. You can get love in all kinds of ways. When you log in and both of your house residents are hanging out together, they can give you love.

Take care of the cat by feeding, petting, and cleaning it to get love. Collect love from the TV, and spring for the extra love bonus by watching the ad video when it’s offered. You need an internet connection on order to make the video work, but it’s worth it.

Make food for your partner using the bento box whenever you get the chance and they will give you love. What food you make doesn’t matter, you just have to make them the food.

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With a recent update, offers have been added to the game under the “more” button. These can also be found in the store menu. Some of them are free, and some of them involve spending money, but all of them can earn you free love. The ones that involve spending real money are the ones that pay the most love.

Be sure to check the weather forecast once a day – you’ll even get love from that. Last but not least, go to the store and “read the news” ten times per day. Each time you read the news, you get 50 free love. Reading the news consists of watching one ad video.

What to Purchase With Love and Why

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So what can you spend that love on? One of the main things is unlocking the garden for 3,000 love. This is how you’ll get guest animals to visit you, and it gives you a whole new place to hang out, and a new category of goodies to buy, such as plants and outdoor furniture.

Recently, the bedroom has been added as well, and you can’t unlock it by spending 4,000 love. Just like the garden, the bedroom has an entirely new set of furniture and accessories that you can buy.

Keep your eyes peeled for future updates, because the developers are working on adding the bathroom to the game. If the garden and the bedroom are any indication, the bathroom should cost about 5,000 love, and will also provide you a whole new set of accessories to purchase.

The quickest way to unlock the garden and the bedroom is to buy more cats. Each cat can be showered, petted, or have their nails clipped for more love, and each cat has their own cool down timers. So the more cats you have, the more love you can earn in less time.

You can buy furniture for your house, too. Nicer furniture not only looks good, but can give you more opportunities to earn love. New categories of furniture can especially be of practical benefit.

Food and bento boxes can also be purchased. You can buy different main courses, side dishes, and desserts to build a bento box with; typically, more expensive foods will result in more love from your partner in exchange for making the bento box.

The various different bento boxes are another thing you can purchase with love. These are more cosmetic – you won’t earn more love, but you’ll have a different bento box that you can look at when you make the food.

Cats, Getting All Cats, and Cat Mini-Games

Hit the last category of the store, Cats, in order to unlock more cats. Having cats in the house is fun, and for practical purposes, having more cats gives you more love, because you can pet, clean, and cut the nails of all of them. Buy one of the cat gift boxes to unlock a random cat.

For the cat games, petting them requires you to touch areas they like and avoid areas they don’t, but this is completely random. Luckily, you can retry as many times as you want for free, so keep trying again until you win.

For cutting nails, approach from the top so that you don’t accidentally clip their paws. You can also tap with two fingers at the sand time to make the “swipe” appear halfway between the two fingers.

For the shower game, move the gauge down to the blue, then let it heat up to green before you hit the cat with water. When it’s in the green, you get a heart. When it moves out of the green, get the shower head out of the way and move the gauge to the green again.

Animal Visitors

To get animal visitors, you must unlock the garden first. Hit the “mine” area of the menu to go to My Collection, then go to the bottom options (Visitors) to see a log of all of the animal visitors that have entered your garden.

Moments and How To Collect All Moments

Every time you log into the game for the first time, a moment will pop up. Moments change depending on how much furniture you have and what furniture you have out at the time, how many cats you have, and which cats you have. You can also unlock new moments when the garden and bedroom are unlocked.

Cat Wants To Be Left Alone

If the cat wants to be left alone, then come back to the game at some point later, because you just won’t be able to do anything with the cat at this point. The cat won’t want to play, so you won’t be able to stroke it, cut its nails, or shower it.

How much later to come back is fairly random. Sometimes it takes half an hour, or sometimes an hour, or sometimes even more. Just keep trying.


Keep coming back and checking back, because at some point later on in the game, the developers are going to add dogs to the game. You’ll be able to purchase dogs just like you do cats, and likely there will be a totally unique set of mini-games with them just like with the cats.

More tips and tricks are contained in Part Two of the Adorable Home Tips and Cheats Guide!


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