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Brain Test Extreme: Adults Can’t Solve (iOS/Android game) – All Answers and Solutions to All Levels and Questions

Level 1: The biggest out of all of the given pictures is the sun, so tap on the sun to solve the puzzle.

Level 2: To tap a small bear, first, tap on the honeycomb to make the large bear go over to it. The small bear will be behind the large bear, so tap it.

Level 3: To give food to the rabbit, tap on the box to open it. Then a carrot will pop out. Tap on the carrot to feed it to the rabbit.

Level 4: To be much faster, tap on the snail (not on the shell) and it will retreat into its shell. The shell will then roll downhill at high speed.

Level 5: To take him down, tap on each one of the balloons to pop them until he falls down to the ground.

Level 6: To beat up the boxer, shake your phone up and down to make the boxer dizzy. Then tap on the boxer to throw a punch at him that he won’t be able to avoid.

Level 7: To find the child of the frog, move the frogs out of the way by dragging them with your finger until you find a tadpole behind one of them. Then tap on the tadpole.

Level 8: To make a fire, pick up the match with your finger and strike it against the rock, then throw it on the pile of wood in order to light it.

Level 9: To pick up the car and move it to the goal flag, first, move the cloud out of the way with your finger to reveal the sun and melt the snowman. Then drag the car over to the flag.

Level 10: To find a star to decorate the Christmas tree, drag the hammer to the boy’s head to bonk him and make a star appear. Then drag the star to the treetop.

Level 11: To wake her up, look for the dart hidden inside one of the clock hands. Then drag it over to the balloon to pop it and wake her up.

Level 12: To beat the dragon up, tilt your phone to the right to roll the snowball down the mountain. It will grow and smash into the dragon.

Level 13: To give them correct colors, paint the apple red, then paint the bananas yellow. Then paint the grapes blue and red to make them purple.

Level 14: To find a devil, rub the faces of the angels until one of them becomes angry and turns into a devil. Then tap the devil.

Level 15: To make a fire again, take the magnifying glass and put it in between the sun and the wood to magnify the sun’s rays and light the wood on fire.

Level 16: To make him cry, move the cabbage and eggplant to find the onion. Drag the knife to the onion to cut it, then drag the cut onion up to his face.

Level 17: Who’s been eating the cake on the sly? Remove their masks and then tap on the one who has their mouth open in shock.

Level 18: To find a red chameleon, use the knife to cut the watermelon in half, then drag the watermelon over any one of the chameleons to turn it red. Then tap the red chameleon.

Level 19: Both of them need a cookie, so to give both of them a cookie, tap it until it breaks in half, then give half to each of the girls.

Level 20: To save the frog, drag the sword over to the fuse of the bomb to cut it off and stop it from ticking.

Level 21: Draw whatever you want to rate the app, then hit submit.

Level 22: To find a diamond, tap all of the boxes to open them, then turn the phone upside down to make a diamond fall out of one of them.

Level 23: To wake up the pig, put your finger over its nose for about six seconds to block it from breathing and force it to wake up.

Level 24: To get the biggest beetle, tap the tree trunk until an extra large beetle falls out of it, then tap the beetle that was in the tree.

Level 25: To find her key, drag the magnet over to her thought bubble to pull the key out of it. Then tap on the key.

Level 26: To find a firefly, turn down the display brightness on your phone and one will come out.

Level 27: To tap a fallen tower, shake your phone vigorously until one of the towers falls down, then tap that one.

Level 28: To get the fish, attach the worm at the bottom of the screen to any one of the poles, then give it to the fisherman.

Level 29: What number is drawn on the signboard? Move the mirror until it reveals the number 8 on the back, then tap 8.

Level 30: To disturb his training, slide the plates on the right side of the barbell over to the left using your finger and he’ll drop the weight.

Level 31: How many people are in the bus? Count the driver, too. There are a total of 7 people inside of the bus.

Level 32: To put the up and down arrows in the correct position, simply turn your phone to the right to make them actually point in the direction that they say.

Level 33: To not burn the egg, shake your phone to flip the egg and stop it from burning.

Level 34: He really has to go to the bathroom, so to help him do so, tap the bathroom sign and then take his pen and color it black.

Level 35: To open the safe, stretch out the spring with two fingers until it’s completely straight, then stick it in the keyhole to pick the lock.

Level 36: To meet Santa Claus, tap the lighter to make it light up, then put it in the fireplace to make a fire and make Santa fall out of the chimney.

Level 37: To find red, move the grass out of the way, then drag the watering can up to the flowers to water them and make a rainbow. Then tap the red in the rainbow.

Level 38: To catch the 3 pigs, use the tornado to blow down the houses made of straw and wood. Then shake the phone to blow down the house made of brick.

Level 39: To catch the 9 pigs, use the tornado to blow down the straw and wood houses, then shake the phone to blow down the brick house. Then drag all 3 pigs to reveal 3 hidden pigs. Then swipe vertically on the 9 to make it a 6.

Level 40: To make the tree bloom, swipe the sky over and over to make time move forward by changing it from day to night until the tree blooms.

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Level 41: To not be noticed by the lion, cover both of its ears with two of your fingers while the rabbit passes by.

Level 42: To make him first place, tilt your phone to the left to turn them all to the left so that the first place guy is standing on the highest pedestal.

Level 43: To get closer to the princess, drag her hair downward to extend it to the ground like Rapunzel’s hair.

Level 44: How much is the cola? Shake the phone to make it go to the top, and $1 will appear on the bottle, then tap the 1.

Level 45: To get the apple, make a seesaw using the small rock and the twig. Put her on the seesaw and drop the large rock on it to send her flying up to the apple.

Level 46: To light the cigarette, drag it up to the cigarette that is already lit and touch it.

Level 47: To get a blue rose, drag the dark indigo rose up to the light rose to merge them and make them blue.

Level 48: To make him laugh, use your finger to tickle his underarms and he will begin laughing.

Level 49: To tap the fastest, tap on the earth itself, as it moves the fastest through orbit.

Level 50: To tap on the biggest fire, merge the three fires together to grow them. Then turn your phone upside down to spill gasoline out of the bucket. Then place the fire on it to make it huge.


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