Adventure Age: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Adventure Age is a new retro styled puzzle RPG by Everplay Interactive for the iOS platform. Your goal here is to quest through level after level with your knight and your comrades (or more accurately, your pets), fighting with numerous types of enemies while upgrading, finding new equipment, and earning coins and gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Adventure Age!

There are three different kinds of tiles, and as you may have suspected, the purple tiles are a complete waste of time. The blue tiles, on the other hand, shield your characters from some damage, so break blue tiles, and purple when you have to, when you’re trying to make a large combo with a whole lot of red tiles.

And that’s what you will have to do when you are fighting against tough enemies, tough bosses, or tough PvP opponents. Make a big tile combo like that, and save it for your character that has the most attack power. Usually this will be your main character, but if you picked a tough friend as a helper, it will be your helper character.

As you battle you’ll get additional characters as a reward for winning, most of which are common and will be duplicates of all of the ones that you have equipped to begin the game, so use them as fusion fodder. Go to the fuse menu and pick a gaining card, and one or more sacrifice cards, and if you have enough gold coins to pay for the fusion, you’ll level them up rapidly.

Always be sure to come back and check out what equipment you get in exchange for completing battles, and keep your main character equipped with the best stuff, especially the best weapons. One strong weapon can sometimes be the key to beating a tough boss battle.

If you are stuck on a current stage, go back to old stages and defeat enemies that you have already beaten. Grind them as much as you need to in order to gain experience levels. Experience level gains will, of course, increase all of your characters’ statistics. Then, go to the battle that you’re stuck on after a few level ups, try it again and it will be easier to beat.

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