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AdVenture Capitalist: How to get more angel investors

AdVenture Capitalist, or AdCap, is a new game that takes the Cookie Clickers and Tap Titans style of gameplay and fleshes it out extra, creating something insanely addicting. Your goal is to build businesses to the point of earning sky-high income, automating the process, and eventually acquiring more angel investors who earn your businesses extra bonuses just for existing. Read on for tips on how to load up on angel investors in AdVenture Capitalist!

Early on you will have to fight tooth and nail just for a small amount of angel investors. Your best advice early on is not to restart the game too quickly. Get at least one oil drilling company, and preferably more than one, before you get angels. In fact, let the game sit for awhile while the managers collect money, and let the angels build up to at least double digits, if not triple digits, before you restart the first time.

After that, they become much easier to earn. Repeat the same process and it will go even more quickly. But don’t purchase any angel upgrades early on. Once you have enough angels that you can purchase an angel upgrade without getting the double-check confirmation screen, then do it to cause your overall profit to skyrocket. More profit, of course, means more angels.

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Keep up this process again and again, going for a pace of about 5x-10x the angels when you restart. The more often you restart at this point, the farther you’ll get, the higher your multipliers will be and the faster that you’ll be able to accrue angels.

Be sure to keep up on both the manager upgrades and the cash upgrade, in addition to the angel upgrades all the way through. Be careful about how you spend your money on businesses so that you put a priority on the ones which earn the most money. Be sure to always focus on the newspaper upgrades since every multiplier of 100 will add a huge exponential upgrade to some random business, as well as (typically) double everything (because the newspaper is usually the last to reach a particular upgrade level).

Sometimes you’ll be best off waiting for a little bit longer before you restart, especially right after major global multiplier upgrades or right after a newspaper upgrade to a multiplier of 500 (which multiplies newspaper income by x777). Let the game sit for an hour or two or even overnight and let the angels rack up massively.