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AdVenture Capitalist: Mars Mission Guide, Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats and Strategies, Page 2

As you continue on and keep reinvesting, you’ll notice that some investments stand out WAY more than others. In particular, the Men investment (the third one down) will end up becoming your most lucrative one, most likely. This is due to the frequency of the unlocks (one every 100 levels) and the huge multiplier that each one gives you (each one gives you x9), combined with how inexpensive they are to purchase.

One you pass 2,000, the unlocks will happen every 200 points for Men instead of every 100 points. From here on out, others will eventually begin to catch up, especially Buggles. But Men will still be one of your biggest investments the whole way through, so if you are going to spend Mega Bucks on anything, spend it on Men first, then on Buggles second.

Claim your angel investors very frequently. The angels have an even bigger impact here than they do on Earth and the Moon because you don’t get the sudden price jumps for various upgrades that you get there, especially on the Moon. Price jumps will generally come at a much more reasonable pace.

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Check the upgrades section of the menu because sometimes a giant upgrade will appear, and if you make it to the giant upgrade, your income will skyrocket to an insane amount from that one upgrade, and it can often change the whole balance of the Mars mission. For example, at 900, the Heck Portal will multiply by x666. The Terrorformer will always multiply by 333, making this an extremely strong investment.

Also, at every 1, 50, then every 100 upgrades or so, you’ll double the speed of all investments. This is for the level of all investments, but really, the Terrorformer is what this will all be resting on because it’s by far the slowest upgrade of all. So pay good attention to the Terroformer and since it makes huge amounts of cash, it makes a good candidate for a Mega Boost.

The Moon levels were COMPLETELY rebalanced as well, with some extremely gigantic upgrades added, such as x8888888 upgrades. If you were struggling there before and you gave up on it, go back and get all of the new upgrades and you can potentially load up on the moon bucks, use them to buy Mega Bucks, then take them over to Mars for some gold upgrades.

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