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AdVenture Capitalist – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 3

After awhile, you come to a point where things really begin to speed up. You will immediately be able to buy 100 of everything, you’ll be able to get all of the base-level managers, and a significant amount of upgrades. This is when the focus starts to change. Once you get here, focus on quick restarts, so you can always increase your angel invester totals. The farther you get, the more quickly you’ll reset.

Once you get to this point, do things in a certain order. First, 100 of everything. Then, buy the base managers. Then, buy all of the angel upgrades that you can afford. Then buy all of the cash upgrades that you can afford. Then go as high as you can on each business type. Then, buy cash upgrades again, as well as more managers until you buy them all. Then go as high as you can yet again on each business type.

From there on out, then that’s when you can stop, let the money build, and most importantly begin managing your businesses. Achievements will be your biggest extra source of income so focus on earning achievements. Keep taking a look at your businesses to see which ones earn the most per second, which ones will benefit the most from the next achievement, and which ones will benefit from a risky angel upgrade.

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Risky angel upgrades often cost a lot of angels, yet provide an overall benefit in the long run. Think upgrades that cost 1/7 to 1/10 of your total number of angels. Typically, these are worth it when they are used on your first- to third-highest earning business. When they are used on a business that is not your best earner, though, they can be slightly pointless and even detrimental.

Every time that you earn an achievement with the newspaper, look around to see what your new high-earning business is. Every achievement except for a multiple of 500 will skyrocket the income of a different business. A multiple of 500 will instead multiply the newspaper’s income by x777, a HUGE amount that will vault it into the top earning business.

Never start back over right after buying a big angel upgrade. Either save the angel upgrade for next time, or buy a big angel upgrade and then let it go and earn money for awhile so that you can make back your investment eventually.
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