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Adventure Time Puzzle Quest: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest is the latest game in the Puzzle Quest series of match-three RPG hybrids, starting with the original Puzzle Quest back in 2008. This one gives you the familiar gameplay of the rest of the series (most notably Marvel Puzzle Quest) along with the characters that you have come to know and love from Adventure Time. Read on for some tips and tricks for Adventure Time Puzzle Quest!

During the puzzles themselves, you can make all sorts of special pieces like in Candy Crush. Four in a row gives you a line-crusher, while five in a row gives you a piece that will knock out everything of one color, and five in a T or L will give you a bomb that will knock off a 3×3 space. Mix two of these special pieces together for huge results and amazing damage.

Be sure to also use your special moves when the special move bar is full. It’s easy to forget that they are there. If you want to target a specific enemy, tap the enemy to place the target cursor over them and then use the attack (be it the special attack or the ordinary matching attacks).

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Battles can drag on for a long time, so be sure to craft some special items so that you can speed the battles along by increasing the damage that you do to each enemy. A good combination of crafted items can end a battle really quickly. It’s not entirely necessary to do this, though, it merely speeds the game along.

You can summon new characters using Hero Coins, which will help you play for longer. Complete quests to get more Hero Coins. Your strongest characters will automatically be in your immediate active party, and then when they run out of energy new characters will be swapped in.

Sometimes there are discrepancies between the hit points your characters have on the units screen and on the main puzzle screens. You can correct this by resetting the game altogether; that is, by shutting the game itself off (closing it) and then turning it back on. After that, the game should be all better.