Adventure Town (iOS/Android): How to win without spending any money

Adventure Town is a free RPG/city builder, and despite its free status, you actually have a LOT more gameplay and potential enjoyment that you can get out of the game without having to spend any money. There are plenty of opportunities to spend your cash, though, especially as the game gets more and more difficult. Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and not only do they cost real money to buy, but it’s very easy to spend them quickly. Read on to find out how to win without spending any money!

The main key is to figure out how to win without spending any diamonds (hint: spending diamonds is ALWAYS optional), and to figure out how to get your gold racket up to speed. Buy as many shops and houses as you can fit into your town. Sell your decorations for more gold and to open up more space in which to place your coin-earning buildings. Place more farm plots if you are running out of goods too quickly.

The best equipment in the game costs diamonds, but using fusion to upgrade your equipment will cause your heroes’ health, attack and defense to skyrocket without having to spend gems on epic or ultimate chests. Simply take a “great” armor, weapon or shield chest, buy something, then buy a ton of starter chests and use the equipment that you find inside as upgrade fodder for your main equipment. Equipment statistics will increase RAPIDLY when upgraded, to the point where you can almost always go undefeated in battle.

Diamonds can speed up your heroes’ recovery, but if your heroes are extremely strong due to the above advice, you will almost never need to wait for them to recover. If you do, though, resist the urge to spend diamonds for them. Set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by an hour (the standard recovery time) to speed them up instantly. While you’re at it, do this with your crops and buildings too.

Complete quests to advance forth in the game. While some of them take a long time to complete, they will never require you to spend diamonds. In fact, some of the quests will actually earn you free diamonds as a reward. The more time consuming the quest, the bigger the reward will usually be.

Diamonds also go fast if you use them to buy craft collectibles. Instead, though, make sure to have at least one of every available building and to expand outward to additional buildings that can be seen on the map, but that are not yet available. Kill monsters for craft items too, as they will usually drop random ones after you kill them.

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